Are Leave-Outs Making a Comeback?

We’ve all heard the saying: “there’s nothing new under the sun”, this rings especially true for when it comes to trends whether it’s hairstyles or fashion. We see trends being recycled and modern twists added to them all the time. Right now 90s fashion is making a major comeback, we’re even seeing velour tracksuits make a comeback (note to self: get one). That’s not the only thing that’s making a comeback but weaves and leave outs are making a major come back too. 



So what is a leave out? Leave out is when you have weave or a ‘sew-in’ and you leave some of your hair out for it to blend with the bundles. This will give the sew-in a more natural look as it mixes with the natural hair, it kind of works like extensions but they’re sewn in. This was a popular trend not too long but as frontals began to gain traction, leave-outs and sew-ins became less and less popular.

However, as some of you may know there’s been a global lace shortage which has impacted the wig industry. Like many companies, CDB London has adjusted and we’ve decided to bring back our bundles and frontals range to make sure that we cater to all your hair needs. Our motto is ‘Hair Made Easy’ after all. What’s great about buying bundles is that they are super versatile and you are guaranteed to get multiple hairstyles from it - check out our blog post here


Moreover, it seems that weaves and more specifically leave outs are back on trend. More people are opting for the leave out looks again especially when it comes to the curly bundles. They seem to work with girls' natural hair as there are many textures to match various hair textures. Some people took issue with having to straighten their hair to blend with the straight bundles, but there are now so many textures you’ll be sure to find one that blends well with your own hair.

Another reason that leave-outs are making a comeback is because not everyone feels comfortable wearing a frontal, some find itchy and even a little sweaty. If so, leave-outs may be the way to go for you. For others they feel that a leave-out can look more natural and can add some additional versatility in terms of hairstyles. Others are opting for just adding a few tracks for extra volume and length. This is also great for the half up and half down look.

It looks like weaves and a leave outs are making a comeback this summer. Will you guys be trying it out or are you sticking to your wigs? Whatever you decide, be sure to get yours from CDB London!