A Guide to Wig Hair Lengths

Wigs come in all different shapes and sizes, literally. So, picking the right one for you isn’t always the easiest task. You’ve got to pick the texture: curly, straight or wavy? Do you want a coloured wig? If so, do you go dark or light? Highlights or lowlights? Then, you have to pick how long you want the wig. Do you want it long or short?

We know that picking the length of the wig can be difficult if you’re new to wearing wigs, and even if you’re a wig veteran visualising what inches my look on you can be quite difficult. It doesn’t help that wigs come in many lengths too.

We know that there are so many factors to take into consideration like, inches look different depending on your height. For example, if you’re smaller, 16inches could be long enough to give you some real length, and for someone taller it might not look as long. Plus, the curl pattern of a wig can also determine the length of the curl. This might be news for some, if so you want to keep reading as we delve in our length guide.

Hair lengths and textures

First things first, how are wigs even measured? Wigs are measured from the root of the hair right to the tips. So, when you see 10inches that’s what we estimate the hair will be from the top of the hair (crown) to the hair. This is the method used for wigs. 

The difference is that wavy and curly hair are first stretched before they’re measured. Meaning if it says 10inches for a curly wig, then that would be the length of the hair when stretched.  When picking a curly wig take off about 1-2 inches, to help you get a better representation of what the length would look like.

Side note: The length shown by all vendors are the lengths of the longest point of the hair. This doesn’t include the layers of the hair!


Here are some things you should consider when picking the length of your wig

  1. How the wig is installed - how the wig is installed can impact the length of the hair
  2. The curlier the hair the shorter it will look. We’re familiar with shrinkage, well that happens with wigs too. The 10inches on a straight wig will be longer than a wavy wig, and 10 inches on a wavy wig will be longer than on a curly wing.
  3. Your height - like mentioned before your height impacts how long the hair looks on you. For a taller person you might have to opt for more inches if you want that longer hair.
  4. Buying a wig that fits. If you get a wig that doesn’t fit you properly then it can impact the length of the wig. To find out more on how to accurately measure your head watch this tutorial.

Most CDB London wigs come in:

Wig Lengths (inches)

10” (Kennedy Wig Only)

12” (Kennedy Wig Only)

14” (Not all Wigs)

16” (Excl. Kennedy)

18” (Excl. Kennedy)

20” (Excl. Kennedy)

22” (Excl. Kennedy)

24” (Excl. Kennedy)


For more details on our wigs and the lengths they come in check out our online store.