All You Need to Know About Closures and Frontals

You’ve seen the title and clicked anyway. Meaning you’re either planning on buying a wig and know nothing about closures or, you’ve got a wig but aren’t sure about the closure. Or, maybe you’ve heard the terms lace and silk, or head measurements like 6x6 and 4x4… and they mean absolutely nothing to you. I’ve definitely been there, now after extensive research I’m ready to pass on my knowledge, the student has officially become the master.


Picking the right closure for yourself, whether size or type is actually a crucial part of any wig buying process. Albeit It’s not very hard if you know what you’re looking for. The things you need to know are: whether you want a closure or frontal, lace or silk and size. Now, this might not mean anything yet, but I’ll break down all your options, so you can pick what’s best for you.

curly wig

Closure or Frontal?

I read somewhere that all frontals can be considered closures but not all closures are frontals *inserts who said that meme*. I know this sentence might not make much sense right now but I promise it will. Firstly what is a closure? A closure is a small piece of hair that covers a section of your own hair. It’s used to give an illusion of a parting whether that’s a side parting or a middle parting. This is probably the most popular option because of how easy it is to install.. 


A frontal on the other hand covers a larger section of your hair, usually from ear to ear. Unlike the closure it doesn’t actually have a set parting meaning you can part it as you wish. You can even tie it up. The versatility of the frontal is what’s making it increasingly popular however, it’s harder to use than your regular closure. Another thing about frontals is that they can come in a 360 hairline, meaning the frontal goes around the whole head making it possible to style your wig in a ponytail. 


Lace or Silk?

Now that we’ve cleared up the difference between closures and frontals, you need to know the different types of closures that are out there. The options you have are lace and silk. The main difference between the two is simple: the material. However, both closures come with some pros and cons as well as differences. The silk closure is made with a silk-like fabric. What’s great about the silk closure is that it has invisible knots and grids. This makes it look more like an actual scalp. Not only that, silk closures don’t come in a fixed parting ensuring that extra versatility. The con is that because they are thicker you need to be sure it’s installed properly or it risks looking bumpy. 


Meanwhile, lace closures are made with a lace like material, hence the name. Due to the fact that the closure thinner (than a silk closure) it’s easier to install and fit on your head, there’s low risk of any bumps and folds. However, these grids and knots are visible. With the knots they can be bleached, fortunately for you CDB London wigs come with bleached knots, so that’s one less thing you have to worry about.

 closure closeup

Now, what size?

Repeat after me: size matters! Currently CDB London offers two closure sizes: the 4x4 closure and the 6x6. The measurements refer to inches and depending on which you choose, it can impact the whole feel of your wig. The 4x4 closure wig creates a more natural and simple parting. What’s great about this closure is that it requires minimal manipulation. Then we have the 6x6 closure has a wider and deeper parting. 


Now that all the options have been presented to you, the decision is all yours.