Answering your FAQs: Part 2

Question 1: I’ve never tried a wig before, how do I start?

 For your first wig, we recommend getting a closure wig. Ideally it should be a glueless 4x4 wig, it really is the perfect place to start. Or, you could opt for a 6x6 wig however, it does require a little bit more work when you first get it, but it’s still a good glueless wig option. What’s great is that It’s the perfect balance between a natural looking wig and ease.

The 4x4 and the 6x6 are recommended over a frontal wig, because frontals require gelling down and working with glues. Which may be things you might not be comfortable with. We also recommend going for a straight textured wig like the Mandy or Nickella wig as they require minimal maintenance. With curly textures such as the Courtney, Korede, or Jade wigs; they require prep every day or every other day. They need water and detangling.

Nonetheless, none of our wigs are difficult to look after and they are low maintenance. The best choice for a first wig would be one with a lace system. The wigs mentioned above are so easy for everyday use, as you can put it on and off without it losing security. A bob is also a great place to start in terms of price point and texture. 

Question 2: How long can I leave a lace wig on my head? 

This depends on you. You could honestly sleep in your wig if you wanted to, but the beauty of a wig is the fact that you can take it off. There’s nothing like coming home after a long day and being able to take off your wig, just chuck it on a chair and go to bed. This is easily done with wigs that have a 4x4 lace closure or a  6x6 lace closure.

Like we said the choice is all yours. You can sow your wig down and keep it on for weeks lika weave. That can easily be done by just sowing in between the tracks through the mesh cap, which is super breathable. All you need to do is use a needle and thread, and attach it to your cornrows. This is good if you go to the gym often or if you just don’t feel like taking your wig off often. 

Question 3: Does it get hot under a wig?

This is a really good question because a lot of people assume that it does get hot. Our wig caps are not actually like your standard type for a handmade wig, they’re actually a lot thinner than that. They are very breathable, soft and stretchy meaning that more air can get into. 

The length of the hair does have an impact on how hot it gets. The longer your hair the hotter it can get around your neck, but it has to be really hot weather in order for you to get really hot. If you are the type of person who gets hot easily, get a shorter length wig or a wig that is long enough to tie back. Our wigs look really good tied back too. Our wigs are full but not heavy, so you’ll feel more free with it. With our wigs you shouldn’t get too hot. However, if it’s hot weather get your hair out girl. 

Question 4: Can I sleep with my wig?

The short answer is yes. Sleeping with your wig is possible if you’ve glued down your wig. The wig is yours - so go ham! However, just because of the nature of our pillowcases which are often made out of cotton, which can be drying, tie up your wig. Get a satin scarf for around your hairline if you’re wearing a lace frontal. Just make sure you keep it secure and wrapped and you’re good to go sis.

Question 5: What are bleached knots?

On our website you’ll be able to see that all our wigs come customised and that includes having the knots bleached. In order to attach the hair to the lace you need to feed the hair through the lace, this process is called knotting. This knot ends up looking like a black bead, this is what’s keeping the hair onto the lace. These black dots on the scalp can stop a wig from looking natural. So, what we do in-house is bleach the knots, making it go from a black colour to a brown colour. Making it more natural in appearance. 

Which means that when you apply your foundation or tint to the lace it gets on the knots, the knots become your colour instead of the black dots. It won’t look like it has any knots, just hair. We don’t over bleach them to avoid weakening the knots and causing your wig to shed a lot more than it should.That’s why we do it in-house. We have a group of professional hairstylists who do this in a way that’s natural and effective without compromising the hair. This is one of the reasons why CDB London wigs last a long time but are ready to wear. Our goal is to give you natural looking wigs!

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