CDB London: Keep up with our changes

CDB London is an ever evolving brand with a community focus and that desires to make salon quality look accessible to all. That’s why our motto is #HairMadeEasy. As most of you have probably noticed, we’ve made some changes to our website and brand to truly encapsulate and embody that motto. Things may look different but they’ve gotten a whole lot easier and here are some of the key changes.

“Shop the Look”

Have you ever seen a wig you’ve absolutely loved, yet were quickly disappointed when you realised that the wig was made by one brand and styled by another? That actually happens a lot. That’s why we’ve introduced the ‘Shop the Look’ feature. We can now boast that we can get you the exact wig you want with  just a click of a button. CDB London now handmakes all our wigs and styles them too. It’s a real one stop shop.

Courtney wig

Now what does that mean for previous features? There are features that are no more, like the bespoke features and the colours options well. No need to gasp, we have so many wig styles available for you to choose from and we’ll be releasing new styles in the future so you’ll be sure to find your dream wigs. 

In-House styling

As mentioned above all our wigs are not only made by hand (no manufacturers) and are style by hand as well. We’ve recruited some of the best talent in London through our stylist programme to ensure you can come to us to get the guarantee of the best quality wigs and have it beautifully styled. No more browsing online for a wig stylist because we’ve got you covered. What’s more is that you won’t have to pay any additional cost to get your wig styled. Now that’s what we call #HairMadeEasy.

Styling a wig


Bundles, Frontals and Lace

As some of you may know the pandemic has impacted the hair and wig industry, insofar that’s created a whole global lace shortage - yikes! But, we didn’t let that stop us as we wanted to continue to serve our loyal and new customers and provided them with quality hair. So, we decided to branch out and start selling hair too. I told you we were a one stop shop. You can now get more styles than ever. Whether you feel like buying a wig or making your own you can get what you need for CDB London.

Frontals and lace closures

With all our changes remember that we always have you, our customers, in mind. We want to make all hair related stuff easier and accessible to all, whilst making it fun.