Debunking Natural Hair Myths

There are certain things about our hair that are just considered irrefutable truths. You are not too sure where you heard it from, but you’re not the only person that believes it too. Your mum believes it, your friends and your aunties too. You’ll even swear by these rules. What if I told you that they weren’t true? What if I told you that some of these quick growth hacks are just myths? 

Well we’re here to debunk these myths and to stop you from doing unnecessary hair rituals. So get your pen and pads at the ready (and maybe some tissues because of the disappointment), we’re about to teach you a few things. 

Natural hair

Myth number 1: Trimming your hair makes your hair grow longer

Whilst trimming your hair is crucial to hair health it doesn’t necessarily make your hair grow. Trimming your hair gets rid of dead, lifeless and thin hair. If split ends and single knotted strands are left unattended they can get progressively worse and cut off, making length retention impossible. However, constantly cutting healthy hair doesn’t make healthy hair grow, but make it’s shorter. We often think that the more we cut out hair the more our hair grows, you should only cut your hair if it’s damaged. Frequency of a trim is dependent on hair health. You can go months without cutting your hair if it’s healthy. Don’t unnecessarily trim your hair if you’re trying to get length.

Myth number 2: Dirty hair grows quicker

This is one that most of us have heard and are probably unaware of the origin. I can eve admit that I did think this one was true. Most of us at one point or another assumed that dirty hair equated to our hair growing faster. However, when our hair is dirty it blocks up the pores, cuticles and the scalp, meaning that your hair won’t be able to get the necessary nutrients it needs. You should wash your hair as often as necessary. If your hair gets dirty after one week then please wash it, and if it gets dirty after two to three weeks then that’s when you should wash it. Under and over shampooing is a thing! 


Myth number 3: Braids guarantee your hair growth

Braids are a protective style, but they can be detrimental to your hair if not done properly. Using synthetic hair can actually dry out your hair, especially when you don’t do anything to add moisture to it. Most stylists rarely moisturise the hair prior to braiding it. Meaning that for the duration of the time that the hair is in braids, the hair doesn’t get access to any moisture. Let’s be honest we can keep our braids in for a while. When hair is left in braids for too long it can result in some major breakage if it’s not looked after properly as well. Protective styles when not done with care can be more detrimental than we think.

These are just some of the myths about hair that most of us believe. Others include that natural hair is more difficult than relaxed hair and don’t get me started on heat training - it’s heat damage hun. Sigh, we’ll tackle this one day at a time. Do you have any hair myths you believe? Tell us on our social media @cdblondon.