Differences Between Handmade and Factory Made Wigs

Wigs, wigs, wigs. They really come in different shapes and sizes. The differences between one wig to another can be really stark. From the country of origin defining the texture and curl pattern, to synthetic versus human hair wigs. The choices you have to make about your wig goes deeper than just style and length, you have to also consider the manufacturing process as it determines the price. 

Lace frontal wig

That’s what we’re going to be looking at today: how the manufacturing of the wig impacts the overall price and cost. Trust me, there are some major differences that you want to know. One of the key differences is the processes in how both wigs are made. One is made to scale and the other is made to be more bespoke.

Wigs made in a factory are standardised, meaning that they’re made for mass production and for them to look all alike. They’re made with low cost in mind so there’s absolutely no frills, no add ons. These machine made wigs tend to be the cheaper option as costs are lower. Although they come cheaper you are compromising variation in that they are very set in their style, therefore styling options can be limited.

What’s more, machine made wigs tend to use cheaper materials which can impact comfortability. These are often made with thicker caps, which can give the appearance of more voluminous hair, but it can make your wig a little itchier and the wig a tad bumpier. Another thing about factory made wigs is that they don’t always look natural. Therefore, you'll have to do more plucking to give it a more natural appearance. 

Machine wigs do have their benefits. If you’re looking for a cost effective wig then this might be a good option. It can also be a good option if you suffer from hair loss, due to thicker caps causing less irritation to the scalp. Machine wigs are known for staying in place, so you wouldn’t have to worry about having a wig catastrophe.

Now onto the handmade wigs. In essence it’s the opposite to one manufactured in a factory. The wigs are all tied by hand, meaning that it takes way more man power and hours, which is the reason why they tend to cost more. In terms of the construction of the wig, they are very light and are made with a lace cap which is also very light, they can weigh from one to two ounces. This makes it more comfortable especially if you have a sensitive scalp or skin. It’s also less likely to itch.

Handmade wig

Handmade wigs are more flexible and versatile. You can play more around with the style and parting. The versatility of a handmade wig helps it to look more natural and imitate a natural hairline. The wigs are done delicately so that it really does look like real hair. They’re also bespoke to you. If you have any special requests for the wig from size, parting, to colour - handmade wigs have got you covered. They’re also plucked and some (such as CDB London wigs) have the knots bleached already.

These are the key differences between a handmade wig and a machine made wig. All of CDB London’s are made by hand by our stylists. If you’re interested in a buying a handmade wig, check out our options.