Different Hairstyles You Can Try with Your Bundles

CDB London is the home of #HairMadeEasy. Whatever your hair goals are, or whatever style you want to achieve we’ve got you covered. We want to show you that salon looks and tresses are achievable in your own home, with your own personal stylist… you! We’re with you every step of the way. 

We’re now taking things up a notch to make things even easier. We’re adding bundles to the line of our products. Meaning that you guys don’t just get amazing wigs but amazing hair. In other words, more hairstyles are now possible. It’s time to confuse your colleagues even more when you come out with even more new styles on your virtual team meetings, and hey you might even find a new bae during your daily walks (you’re welcome). 

This blog is here to give you some inspiration on what styles you can achieve with some bundles. From ponytails, to weave and wigs. It’s time to get versatile and we’ll show you how. 

The ponytail 

ponytail hairstyle with CDB London bundles

This look is a simple look that can have so many variations. You can vary it from just the texture of the hair. You can go for a long straight ponytail, or add texture with water waves or curls. Texture adds real volume to it and the straighter look can be more sleek. You can even add some accessories or a cornrow whilst slicking it back to make it more fashion. You’ll look like you’re about to step out on the red carpet. Or you can even do a half up-half down look. You can play around with textures and even have the ponytail to the side to add a little je ne sais quoi! 

You can also transform your ponytail into a bun! I don’t know if you guys know this, but there are so many ways you can do a bun. There’s the doughnut style, top knot, braided bun, samurai bun etc. Those are just a few ideas. 

If that’s not enough, why not try a braided ponytail or a twisted ponytail. You don’t even have to do a simple braid either. There’s jumbo braid, fishtail braid, 3-strand twist… you get the gist. You have options. So, why not get your bundles and try out all these hairstyles. Have fun with it! They can be super easy to do too!


This is probably the most obvious one, but yes bundles can be turned into weaves. So, if you’re looking for something you don’t want to take off for a while and what to keep on for weeks then this is a good option. You can try different styles, colours and textures. CDB London has a good variety of hair textures, so you can opt for a leave out too if you don’t want your whole head covered either. You can blend the bundles with your hair. Why not play around with the different textures, styles and lengths at your disposal. This is a good one if you can’t commit to wanting to redo cornrows often, or have the patience to change your hairstyle all the time.

CDB London hair bundles for weave


We couldn’t go through this blog without an honourable mention to wigs. Wigs for a multitude for reasons is always a great option. Some of them being its versatility, practicality and sheer gorgeousness. So, if you want to switch up your styles often and want to go from being blonde, brunette or a red head all in one week, then wigs are definitely for you. For those who can’t be bothered to make their own wig (I certainly can’t) - then you can get a wig made for you. If only I knew a place - oh yes! CDB London of course. You can get a wig tailored made for you, whatever the colour, length, style or texture. CDB London can do it!

Lace frontal closure for wig

Take your pick! Get your bundles from CDB London and try out some new hairstyles. Be adventurous and get out of your element. Have some fun with it!