Do You Really Need to Wear a Wig?

Whether you’re well versed in all things wigs or not, there are certain things we all know about wigs. Like the fact that wig caps exist… am I right? We’ve seen the videos of women snatching off their wigs, or people’s wigs falling off, unveiling the mystery of what lies beneath, a wig cap. It would seem that most people who wear wigs wear wig caps. Well that’s not actually true. Not everyone does. In fact, it’s a whole debate. Do we even need to wear wig caps? Can we actually be bothered? Is there a point? So many questions, so little time, sigh. Well, this article will definitely help you come to the conclusion as to whether you should be wearing a wig cap.

If you want  a quick, straight to the point answer to the question of whether you have to wear a wig cap, then the answer is no. However, if you want the answer to whether you should wear a wig cap? Then yes. There are definitely benefits to wearing wig caps: from securing the wig to extra comfort. There are reasons why you should be wearing wigs caps and here are just a few.

 Extra barrier

If you have a sensitive scalp, wearing a wig cap may be the perfect option for you. It helps prevent any of the irritation or itch that wearing a wig can cause. Especially for those that suffer from hair loss. Sometimes the wig to scalp contact can be very itchy for some, so having that extra layer can protect your scalp.

Keeps hair flat under wig

Nobody wants a bumpy wig. Having braids and then a wig cap on top, can keep your wig nice and flat, which can make all the difference when you’re trying to achieve a more natural looking wig. It also helps keep your braids neater, meaning that you can have your braids in for longer and that you don’t keep changing them. The less you do with your hair, the more it grows.


We all want to be comfortable whilst wearing a wig, because let’s be honest it can get a little itchy underneath. Having a wig cap helps you be a bit more comfortable. Especially for those with sensitive scalps and hair loss, as I mentioned above. It’s also great if you are still new to wearing wigs and are still adjusting to the feel of it on your head.

Keeps your wig secure 

Wig caps offer extra friction, reducing how much the wig moves around. It secures the wig into place and avoids having any embarrassing moments. We all want to avoid any potential wig slip ups, and wig caps can definitely help you avoid that. That overall result of a secure wig is extra confidence and a pep in your step.


Although some people choose not to wear wig caps for many reasons, some people feel like it can get hot under there or it’s quicker. A wig cap can not only protect your hair but help your wig look neater and smoother. Plus they’re really not expensive.