Hair Related Christmas Gift Ideas

With just five weeks left till Christmas some of us are starting to feel the pressure of getting gifts for our loved ones. Don’t worry I am in the same position. It doesn’t help that all the shops are closed due to the lockdown. That leaves with us online shopping. Now, the internet is a great place but there’s so many options that it can be overwhelming. Do you opt for Amazon? Clothes? Or Tech? The Options are endless.

My approach to gifting is a combination of two things: getting people stuff they both want and need. One thing women always need is hair care products, especially black women. The black hair industry is a billion dollar industry, and to prove it, check any black woman’s hair care product collection, mine looks like a mini beauty shop. All of these products don’t come cheap so, why not offer someone the gift of healthy hair. If you don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. Here’s a list of great hair related gifts for christmas. 

Wigs, duh

Wigs are the perfect gift. Buy a wig for christmas and give someone the gift of multiple hairstyles. They’re gifts that will stretch for a long time, years in fact. What makes wigs the perfect gift is that they are both a practical and stylish present. They come both smile and slay guaranteed, especially if you get a CDB London wig. You’ll be investing in a loved one’s style and hair health too, it’s a 2-in-1. Or, why not give yourself the best present this year - a wig!

Kennedy wig

Yeye Mi Bonnet

Hair care isn’t just about hair products but it’s also about how you sleep. Yeye Mi makes the cutest, handmade bonnets a girl could ask for.  They’re made in various African prints and lined with satin to make sure your hair stays moIsturised whilst you sleep. Helping your hair avoid becoming dry. What’s great is that they are actually really affordable and are made by a Black owned business.

Yeye Mi Bonnet

Hair steamer

This one is for those who have a slightly bigger budget. This is a great gift for girls who are really into their beauty treatments and hair care routines. Steamers help when you’re deep conditioning, it helps all the nutrients get into the hair, leaving it feeling soft and luscious. You can find this online on Amazon, or if the shops are open, at your local hair shop.

hair steamer


Afrocenchix Festive Hair sets 

AfroCenchix have released some festive theme hair sets. Their hair sets vary from accessories sets, sets that include microfibre towels, or a full festive set that boasts a package with all the hair goodies you’ll need. These sets are targeted at different hair needs, so there’s one for everybody. The sets come at various price points, so you’ll be sure to find one for your budget. Get someone the gift of healthy hair for Christmas.

afrocenchix set


With more people wearing wigs and less people are opting for glue and gels, wigfix is the perfect solution. The trendy alternative to a glue could be a great gift during the Holidays. With Christmas dinners looming and Christmas Zoom parties round the corner, a wigfix can be the perfect solution to this glam season. You might as well throw in a CDB London wig to compliment the wigfix.


Here are just a few hair related gift ideas. If you want to look at the different wigs you can offer your loved ones, check out the CDB London range.