#HairMadeEasy Tutorial: Lesson 01 - How to lay your frontal down

We gave you all the reasons why you should be wearing a wig during lockdown, but now it’s time to show you how to put on a wig. I’ll be breaking down how to lay and slay your frontal… class is officially in session. 

#HairMadeEasy Tutorial - Lesson One


First things first, you need to clean your hairline: this should be done with 70% alcohol to avoid any burns. Then, you’ve got to let the alcohol dry for the glue to actually stick. 

 Secondly, you’ll need about a penny sized amount of glue, we recommend got2b glue gel. Then, spread it across the front of your hairline (not on your hairline) and above your ears. If you end up putting too much of the glue on… don’t just leave it there, all you need to do is get the end of a rat tail comb, and remove the excess.

 The next step is short and sweet: letting the glue dry a little. This doesn’t take long at all, quite literally a few seconds as you don’t want it to be too dry. Whilst the glue is still a tad wet, begin to press down your lace into the gel. Make sure to get the stray hairs out of the way.

 Then you grab your alcohol-free mousse and lightly place it on the hairline, whilst combing the hairs down into place. 

What you need to do next is grab your favourite headscarf, and tie it around your head to secure the wig and glue. Leave the scarf on for at least 10 minutes, giving it plenty of time to dry and set. Once it has set, gently take off the scarf. If there’s any excess glue or white spots grab some rubbing alcohol to remove. 

The final stage and secret to the perfect blend is grabbing your foundation brush, and with the residue from your foundation lightly dust the hairline. This will give the appearance of a more natural look. For extra shine get some serum and brush it though the hair.

 That is how you lay and slay your frontal wig. You see, you can get that salon look at home!

 If you haven’t yet, check out the video with all the steps to laying your frontal, as we make  #HairMadeEasy