#HairMadeEasy Tutorial: Lesson 02 - What to do When You Get Your Wig Straight Out the Bag

 Welcome back guys to another tutorial by CDB London, this is our second lesson. Today we’ll be exploring the first steps of what to do when you get your wig. Yes, there are some steps to follow and we’re here to help you get through them… class is back in session. 


So it’s here, it’s finally here your CDB London wig. You’ve been waiting by door for it to arrive and now the box is in your hands, what do you do? Well, firstly take the hair out of its packaging silk bag, net and all.


In terms of first impressions: what’s great about CDB London wigs is that they come with the knots bleached already and the hair plucked. What’s more, you’ll see there is a band and clips that can be found on the inside of the wig for extra security. This will help guarantee your wig will stay on your head at all times. However, if this isn’t something you want, feel free to cut them out of the wig. 


The next step is to grab a pump of your foundation to tint your lace. I suggest putting some on the back of your hand, grabbing a brush and applying the foundation onto the lace part of your wig. With the foundation remaining, apply the rest on the top of the lace on the hairline.


Now, it’s time to cut. Cut the lace in small sections in a zig-zag like formation, just as you would with a frontal. Once you’ve cut to the end of the lace, you’ll notice the lace at the edges are a little thicker than the rest of it, so be sure to cut this part very precisely. 


Then try on the wig to see if it actually fits, the aim is that it should fit perfectly to your head. You can use the hooks and adjust them to alter the fit. Following the adjustments, place your wig onto your head.


Grab your concealer next, try and get one of a lighter shade. Apply the concealer to the parting of your wig carefully, use a brush for best results. Blend it in with your finger to give it a more natural looking colour.


Time to mould your wig. Now, there are multiple ways you can mould the shape of your wig to your head. One really simple way is by using styling foam or using a spray, and if you like extra hold try using both. Apply either or both products to the hairline and comb the hairs into place. This step is followed by grabbing a hair scarf and tying it around your head. This should be done for at least 5 minutes.


Whilst you wait, style your wig. This can either be done by dampening the hair using a spray bottle to get more defined curl or waves if you have a curly wig, or straightening the hair. This all depends on the style of wig and the desired look. Then grab some mousse and apply to the top of the hair to tame any fly aways. 


Once the five minutes are up and your hair set, grab the foundation brush with whatever residual foundation is left and buff into the top of your wig.


Follow these quick and easy steps to make sure that your wig is ready to wear over and over again. 

To watch the video tutorial click below