#HairMadeEasy Tutorial: Lesson 03 - How to Define Your Curls

You’ve purchased your curly wig a while back now, and you’re starting to notice that the curls are starting to drop. Curls changing overtime is completely normal however, I do get that it can be quite annoying when you didn’t really expect it. So, before you write your strongly worded email to customer services, you’ll be happy to know that you can get your curls back to what they once were,  just as you did when you first got it. This is what this tutorial is all about. Grab your pen, paper and wig because class is in session. 

How to define your curls

The first thing you’re going to need is a water spray bottle, which you can get from any beauty supply shop for really cheap, and fill it with some regular tap water. Then grab the hair in medium sections and make sure to spritz the sections with water well. Spray the water onto the hair from root to tip, making sure you get every strand of hair all whilst finger detangling your hair. This ensures that you get those really defined curls. You want to get water onto each strand of the hair.

Next you water to grab a water based gel, we recommend using an Eco-styler gel. Rub some onto your hands and begin to apply to hair. You can use the praying mantis method which is when you apply the product onto both hands and gently put onto the hair in a downward motion for that more clumpier thicker curling pattern. Or, if you choose you can do the raking method which when you rake the product on with your fingers, this gives your girls a more defined look. Applying the gel  helps guarantee long lasting defined curls. Don’t miss out on any strands but be sure that you pay extra on the ends of the hair 

You’ll need to get a light oil or what we like to use is a serum. Grab a small amount and rub onto your hands. Then, scrunch your hair whilst defining your curls in the process. This not only gets rid of any crunch that may be created by gel but it also helps give the hair that extra shine and glossiness we all love to see. 

And pesto that’s all it takes to get your hair back to it’s defined glory. In three simple steps you can re-define your curls. All it takes is: water, gel and oil. This needs to be repeated on each section of the hair to be sure those curls are extra popping. Then you’ll need to let the hair dry, as tempting as it may be to avoid touching the hair whilst wet as it can increase the chances of the hair frizzing. 

Now your curls are back to life with the simple steps #HairMadeEasy