#HairMadeEasy Tutorial: Want to Know How to Remove Your Lace Wig?

There are a few questions as a wig company that we get asked regularly. From how long will my wig last to whether wigs will make my hair grow. One question that definitely takes top place for the most asked question is: will a lace frontal wig cause me to lose my edges? To be honest, that all depends on you. 

What do I mean? Well, the key to maintaining healthy edges whilst wearing any wig, is the removal method and hair care underneath. To help ensure that your edges stay intact, we’ve written out the safest way for you to remove your lace wig.

First things first, grab a cotton pad. Soak the pad with micellar water or, if you don’t have any micellar water tap water works too. You want the cotton pad to be quite saturated with water.

Step one to remove your lace wig

Once the pad is properly soaked, you want to dab your cotton pad on the lace wig. Avoid rubbing the lace, as it might leave excess wool or lint pieces on your lace. As you do this, you’ll notice after a while you’ll begin to feel the glue or gel loosen up. Once this has happened gently lift the lace.

step 2 removing your lace wig

You want to dab the cotton pad across the whole hairline of the lace to remove the glue. As you did previously, when the glue loosens lift the lace gently. Do this across your whole hairline.

step 3 removing your lace wig

Once you’ve completely removed your lace, you want to remove any residue. With your figures and fine toothed comb, remove any flakes of glue or gel.


step 4 removing your lace wig

The next step is grabbing your favourite moisturiser, oil or serum. At CDB London we love the Curly Connect’s ‘Oil-in-one’, but you can use any.  Apply the product of your choice on your edges, this will encourage hair growth and health.

step 5 removing your lace wig

And there you have it, a simple, easy and safe lace removal. We don’t call it a  #HairMadeEasy tutorial for nothing. 

Side note: Don’t worry if you on occasion just rip off your wig - we’ve all been there. Just be sure you don’t do it often and give your edges some TLC.