How to Grow Your Hair

We’ve all heard of the saying ‘health is wealth’.This can apply to many things, from your physical, to your mental health and even the health of your hair. A key signifier that something is healthy, is growth and that’s observable across the board. Which reminds me of another popular saying: what you water will grow. 

From a hair perspective no matter your goal, growing hair is a sign of healthy hair. Regardless of whether you want your hair down to your back or, you’ve opted for a short hair do… all hair should grow! So, if your hair is struggling to grow then perhaps you should check the health of your hair. In this blog post we’ll be looking at how to grow your hair and ultimately improve its health.

Know your hair 

However you choose to describe your hair as long as you understand it, that’s the most important thing. Whether it’s using the porosity categorisation or hair type system i.e. 2C, 3B, 4A etc. make sure you have a comprehensive view of your hair.  When you understand its characteristics, you’ll know when it’s acting out of character or how to remedy some if it’s weaknesses. For example if you have dry hair you can look at using moisturising products or if you have oily hair you can look at using lightweight products. Knowing your hair means knowing what it needs to be healthy, and subsequently what it needs to grow. 

Long hair

Take into consideration the weather and the seasons 

Weather has a huge impact on your hair. The cold winter months are infamous for making hair brittle, lifeless and limp. Whereas, the hotter seasons can make hair really dry and frizzy. Protecting your hair from the weather can be crucial to protecting your hair and ensuring it’s healthy. Changing your hair regimen and go-to products during different seasons can really be a game changer.

Trim those ends

You’ve probably heard this time and time again. You’ve probably thought that this was counterproductive ‘like how is my hair going to grow if I am cutting my hair?” One of the biggest reasons for lack of hair length retention is because the ends are unhealthy, causing breakage. That’s why you don’t get to see your hair growth, because your hair is constantly breaking. 

Trim your hair

Protect your hair

There are so many ways to protect your hair. One of the ways you can protect is by your styling. Protective styles are a great way to help grow your hair, as daily styling can damage your hair. The constant brushing and manipulation can cause breakage. Whereas, when you have protective styles it keeps hair manipulation to a minimum and helps promote hair growth.


Feed your hair

Your hair gets thirsty and needs to be fed. Your hair needs moisture. Whether that’s physical water or moisturising products - don’t skimp out on giving your hair what it needs. You also want to be sure that you give your hair nutrients, which you can get from products or you can take vitamins. Deep treatments are your best friend. Moreover, what you eat also feeds your hair. So, if you don’t drink much water that can cause dryness. Eating protein has been linked to having stronger and thicker hair too. You are what you eat.

wash hair

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be sure to get longer and stronger. If your hair is unhealthy, be patient with it. It’s a process.