How to Keep Your Hair Healthy Underneath a Wig

Why do you wear a wig? Low maintenance? Versatility? Efficiency? Whatever your reasons are for wearing a wig we can all admit that they’re great to look at, and are great for our hair. On top of that, we all want our wigs to look stylish and natural but, this shouldn’t be at the cost of our actual hair. At times it seems like we put more effort into the maintenance of wigs than our own hair, looking after both is crucial. 


Although wigs are classified as a protective style, if you don’t do key maintenance and upkeep, your hair can become damaged regardless of how many times you wear a wig. Simply put: wigs are not a replacement for hair treatment. 


Whilst wearing a wig there are a few things you can do to protect your hair and to make the most of this protective style. This is especially true if you want to grow your hair, this can't be achieved if you don’t look after it. I’ll be listing the ways in which you can protect  your hair whilst wearing a wig to make sure you reach your hair goals.


Take off your wig before bed 

However, tempting it may be to keep your wig on whilst you sleep… girl don’t do it. Let your hair breathe. Sleeping in a wig can increase friction that leads to hair loss, damage to hair follicles, and potentially alopecia- yikes. I even recommend taking your wig off as soon as you get home, get some breeze on that scalp. Oh, and don’t forget your bonnet before going to bed!


Oil your scalp

When you take off your wig make sure you oil your scalp, because healthy scalp equals healthy hair. This is even easier when you have your hair in cornrows. I recommend cornrowing your hair under your wig, I know some people don’t always do this, but cornrows are a great protective style and make it easier to moisturise your hair. This should be done every 2-3 days.


Wash your hair

This seems like a super obvious one but I’ll remind you anyway. Just because other people don’t see your hair it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash it. Washing  helps cleanse your hair, and remove any build up which can block the follicles. We are all prone to sweating and even more so under a wig, this can also create a slight funk. Use whatever brand that works best for you. Some people recommend washing your hair every 2 weeks.


Don’t skip on the deep conditioner 

In between styles it’s important to do a deep condition.This helps strengthen the hair, as its getting less nutrients than usual. Moreover, deep conditioning has multiple benefits from increasing moisture, strength and shine. There’s really no reason not to deep condition to be honest. 


Moisturise your hair

Dry hair is one of the top reasons for hair damage. Moisturising your hair before braiding is crucial for healthy hair, so don’t sleep on a good leave-in. This will protect your hair and minimise any potential breakage. Use some oil after putting on the leave in to seal in all the moisture. 


Never place a wig on wet or damp hair

Warning –this is going to be gross. If your hair is damp or wet underneath a wig the heat can encourage growth of bacteria, fungi and even mildew. Be sure that your hair is completely dry before putting your wig on.


Cleanse your scalp nightly

If you use glue to lay down your frontal I really recommend cleansing any residual glue off nightly. This avoids any breakage and the clogging up of any hair follicles. There are plenty of products you can use to get rid of the left over glue.


At CDB London we aren’t just the best for wigs but, we look after your wig but your hair too.