How to Make Your Wig Last Longer

There are two things that you’ll often hear us say here at CDB London: 1) wigs are an investment and, 2) the longevity of a wig is dependent on you.That’s on periodt. Both of those statements ring incredibly true. Everyone wants to get more money for their buck, even when it comes to wigs. To do that and to make the most of your investment you need to make sure your wigs last long. 

The longevity of a wig is linked to two things. First and foremost, the quality of the human hair on the wig - if you’re buying from CDB London then that’s covered. Secondly, it’s the day-to-day management of the hair that will make the hair durable, and that’s where you come in. In this blog we’ll be outlining the simple steps that you can take, to get your hair to last you for years.

Avoid excessive heat 

I get it, we all want our hair done well. So if you’re opting for a straight sleek hairstyle, you want it bone straight and if you want waves, you want them to look good. Most of these hairstyles are achieved by using heat (although there are some heatless alternatives). 

However, excessive heat can damage the hair. It can cause brittle ends, burnt ends and split ends. Meaning that you’ll have to give it more trims, more often. With natural hair you can use reparative treatments to fix any damage. Unfortunately, with wigs that’s just not possible. Once the wig has heat damage it’s permanent. We recommend looking into the heatless styling alternatives and letting your wig air dry after a wash day as opposed to using a blow dryer.

hair straighteners

Wash your wig

Speaking of wash day: how often you wash your wig is a huge factor in the durability of your wig. Just like any hair, wigs can become greasy and dirty which gives wigs that stiff appearance. 

So, it’s advisable to wash your wig about once every two to four weeks. With this, you want a shampoo and conditioner that is moisturising  to help maintain lustre and shine. It’s important to keep the hair clean and nourished. This is because the hair that isn’t attached to the head, meaning that it’s not getting the natural nutrients and oils that hair produces on a daily basis. Give it some TLC.

Switching it up 

If you have a wig collection, using different ones interchangeably could be really good for helping your wig last longer. Not over using a hair can make a difference as the daily wear and tear of hair can reduce its lifespan By switching up your wigs, you can also take the time to look after the ones you’re not wearing. It’s not about not wearing a wig every day, it’s about not wearing the same wig every day.

Coloured by a professional

One thing that’s great about wigs is that you get to experiment with different styles, colours and cuts that may be more risqué to do with your own hair. Plus there is no risk of damage. Yet, dyeing and colouring a wig can damage your wig. If you do want to try some colour or a new style we definitely encourage it, but be sure to get it done by a professional. A stylist will be able to create beautiful looks without damaging the hair as they’ll have the necessary products and equipment to do so. You can also buy hair that has been coloured already, if you want to try something new.

hair dyeing

Storing your hair properly 

Believe it or not, there is a right to store your wig and it’s not on your bedroom floor or a door handle (yes, I do it too). Looking after your wig also means even looking after it even when you’re not wearing it. Some best practices include: keeping it away from direct sunlight and heating appliances. It also includes keeping it either in a satin bag, a box or a wig stand to avoid the wig losing its shape

Make your wigs, and consequently your money last longer by following the simple steps above. This can be the difference between having a wig for months and having a wig for years. For more tips check out our #HairMadeEasy tutorials on YouTube.