How to Pick a Wig Based on Your Face Shape

CDB London wigs come in all different types of shapes, colours, textures and lengths. Picking the right one can be tricky -  because we really do spoil you. There are different ways to help you narrow down your choice: from basing it on your celebrity inspo or even your skin tone. One of my favourite ways of picking what wig to buy next, is by basing it on my face shape. This ensures that the wig is tailored to you and your face. 

See it this way, your hair is a frame for your face therefore, getting the right frame can literally change your appearance as different hairstyles compliments different face shapes. So, I’m going to help you pick the right frame for your next wig to make sure you get the best wig based on your face shape. 

First and foremost, you need to know what  face shape you actually have. This is actually the easy step. There are 6 main face shapes and they’re all based on the width and length of the following things: forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. These can be very telling in determining the shape of your face. So the shapes are round, square, diamond, heart, oval and rectangle. 

face shapes

This is for my round headed babes, which is defined by having wider cheekbones with a smaller forehead and chin area. For you guys,  it’s time to try some short haircuts, why not try a pixie cut or a longer bob? This is what some people call a ‘lob’ as well as a middle parting. These little things will help slim your face a little to give you an illusion of cheekbones. 

If you have a stronger jawline with strong angles and your forehead and jaw are the same size, you probably have a square face. For all you girls with square shapes opt for some texture to your hair, body waves or curls would look really nice. Shoulder length hair also helps give square shapes a more oval appearance.

Next up is the diamond shape. You’ll be able to tell you have this shape if you have a narrow forehead and chin. Long hair with layers is your friend if you have a diamond shape as well as some textures like curls. This shows off the angles in your face. Blunt bobs are a great option to show off your angled jawline.

Do you have a wider forehead? Does your head get gradually more and more narrow? Then you have a heart shaped face. This is only slightly different from the diamond shape so you can pull off some of the hairstyle they can as well. The heart shaped most flattering hairstyle is a fringe, this helps balance the forehead with the jawline.

Those with oval shaped faces or whose faces tend to have a longer face with rounder chins have options. Yeah that’s right most hairstyles actually suit you. I recommend the longer wigs look really elegant on you but, girl you can also rock a nice bob too or a layered look. 

Lastly, we have those with rectangle faces. If this is you, you probably have a squarish jaw with an oval shaped face too. Waves with layers are your best friends. Long soft textures are the way to go as it softens your face. 

These are just some of the wig ideas that you can try for your face shape.