How to Protect Your Hair During Harsh Weather

It doesn’t take BBC weather for us to see that the weather has definitely changed, and well, it’s definitely not summer anymore. We’re now in the brunt of Autumn and winter is fast approaching. Meaning that the weather is only going to get cold, which is good news for those who love the colder months and terrible news for people like me, who hate being cold. 

winter weather

The cold can also mean not so good news for your hair. The harsh winter months can often leave your hair feeling weak, brittle and dry. With the cold temperature sucking your hair off all it’s moisture, and with your hair going from the cold outdoors to warm indoors - this puts additional stress on your hair. Even wearing our favourite winter hats can be a betrayer to our hair. The materials used to make the hats can also dry out hair. These can end up resulting in hair damage and breakage. 

Hold up, there’s no need to pack a suitcase and move to a warmer country, which I know right now seems ever so tempting, there are some things you can do to prevent this. We’re going to show you how to protect you against the cold winter months. 

Nothing protects like a protective style 

Protective styles are key for best safeguarding your hair during the temperature drop. My favourite protective style is a wig of course (I’m not biased), for plenty of reasons. You’ve got the versatility of the wigs, your hair has minimum exposure to cold and my favourite reason of all is… they keep your head warm. Between the wig cap and wig, your head will not get cold. Furthermore, they’re great for growing your hair. 

Protect what’s underneath the wig

Another reason why wigs are the ideal protective style for the colder months, is that you can still easily look after your hair underneath your wig, and if you want to brave the cold you need to. First things first, don’t make your braids too tight. Carefully remove any glue and gel residue left on with alcohol, this is the secret to protecting your edges. When ready to put on a freshly washed wig make sure it’s dry. Putting on a damp wig is a major no no, don’t do it, the repercussions can be grim to say the least. You also want your hair to not be damp either.

Washington hair

What to do when the wig is off

When the wig is off, the care doesn’t stop. Be sure to oil your scalp to avoid getting a dry and itchy scalp, plus it helps with hair growth. When you’re not wearing a wig or even in between wigs, you want to schedule in some deep conditions. Deep conditioning your hair not only adds additional moisture to the hair, and if you use a protein treatment it also strengthens your hair. You want to do this every two weeks. When washing your hair, try to lower the temperature of the water so it can avoid drying out your hair. A cool rinse is better for your hair. Don’t wash your hair too often or you risk stripping your hair of all the oils.

Strong, moisturising and healthy hair is the secret to weathering the storm we call winter (as you can probably tell I really hate being cold). This is why you also need to moisturise your hair often, either with a leave-in or cream. Also, don’t be scared of using oils as they seal in moisture.

You also want to avoid heat at any cost as it makes your hair more brittle and susceptible to breakage. You might not like this one, but don’t run away from a good trim. More frequent trims help get rid of any unhealthy split ends, which only get worse in the cold.

How you sleep

The protection happens in your sleep too. Be sure to take off your wig every night, this will allow your hair and scalp to breath. Wrap your hair up at night - ideally with a silk or satin bonnet or scarf. Silk and satin don’t absorb moisture like cotton does, so using these materials means the moisture actually stays on your hair instead of your pillow case.

Although, it may seem there’s like a lot to do, they're all manageable and can help your hair endure the winter months. Follow these instructions and your hair will flourish. We’ve got you covered so you don’t have to book your tickets to Jamaica for fear of your hair now. Unless you want to.