How to Style Your Wigs This Christmas Season

With Christmas just round the corner, (less than a month - to be exact), and lockdown coming to end, we can feel the excitement starting to drum up. I don’t know if it’s the nip in the air, street decorations have gone up, or that Christmas trees have been decorated, but it’s beginning to look alot like Christmas. It’s great to see that after an interesting year to say the least, we’re finally feeling the excitement and festive spirit again. Even though Christmas may be different this year it doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable. 

This year we’ll be attending  Zoom Christmas work parties and smaller Christmas gatherings. Which might seem unusual for the most part, however, one thing that doesn’t have to change is our slay! So, we're going to show you how you can look like a  fine babe whether you’re at a zoom party or with your close family for a christmas dinner.

Here are some wig style ideas during this Christmas season: 


retro wig look

The retro look

The retro look is back! And Christmas is the perfect time to give this trend a try. It’s really easy and simple to recreate the retro look. All you need is really good straighteners to add some flicks to the ends of your wig. It’s not hard at all! And a nice headband and a cute side swoop. That’s all you need.  You’ll look stylish not matter how you celebrate Christmas.

Hollywood movie star 

This look is an absolute killer, and one of my favourites. The deep waves in this hairstyle is reminiscent of old school Hollywood, it’s not only a showstopper but it’s a super feminine look. It can dress up even the most simplest of looks, and make you look glam even in a santa hat. This is the look you should go for if you miss dressing up and going out. Plus you can imitate these waves either with a curler or straighteners. This style looks good whether it’s on long or a short wig.

Hollywood movie star

Go red or go home

The colour red is undeniably the colour of the festive season, and nothing says Christmas like a red hairstyle. Why not show your dedication to the holiday by trying a red wig? You’ll like stylish, daring and bold. If you’re a bit scared about going bright red, try a more muted tone with red hints. You’ll be sure to be the star of any zoom party.


Go short for Christmas

Want to show the family that you still got it? Try a short blunt bob. There’s something about a bob that screams money to me. Plus, a great hairstyle is definitely a good distraction from family critiques and commentary. You know the ones, “when are you getting married? Where's the boyfriend? When are you having kids?" etc. Well with these stylish wigs, it’ll be sure to hold them off for even a little while. 


The Sleek ponytail

Whilst this isn’t technically a wig style, it's still a great look to try this Christmas. All you need is some bundles, a good brush and a gel to slick back your hair. You can mix this look up and be experimental. You can have the ponytail straight or add some texture to it. You can do a high ponytail or a low ponytail, and even play around with different partings or even no parting. It doesn’t even have to be just a ponytail, you can try different types of braids or even a bun.

The wet look

You can recreate this look with one of our curly wigs. All you need is some water, oil and gel. The wetlook is super fashionable, especially on curly hair. It gives this effortless yet stylish vibe. Believe it or not, the hairstyle isn’t hard to replicate. You'll be looking like a real babe in under 30 minutes.

Wet look wig style
A messy chignon

A messy chignon is a vibe! It’s quick and easy. It’s essentially a messy textured ponytail. All you need to do is add some texture to either a straight wig or use an already wavy wig. What you want to do is leave some strays by sectioning the hair at the front. Then tie the rest of the hair loosely. You’ll be looking business and runaway all at once. 

These are our top looks for this festive season. Most of the styles are quick and easy to recreate, all you need is things that you probably already own. No matter how you’re celebrating this year, whether it’s online or in person, look stylish with these hairstyles.