How to Support Black Businesses on Black Pound Day

By now, I’m sure you’ve all seen the posts and advertising for this month’s or, even last month’s Black Pound Day, which is only days away. Before the next one, we want to be sure that you’ve got all the information you need, to be up to date and in the know. We’ll show you how you can support with both money and for free

black pound day august


First and foremost, let’s answer this question: what is Black Pound Day? It’s a monthly event which encourages buying products, utilising services and promoting black owned businesses.The first ever one was on June 27thand this Saturday marks the second one The day was founded by Swiss, some of you may remember him as being a member of So Solid Crew. He was inspired by the recent BLM movement in the U.S. and wanted to carry this message of unity surrounding race to the U.K. His aim was to create a community initiative to show support. With one report claiming that 90% of small businesses are founded by a white person, showing how important it is to support black businesses.. 


Another question is: why is it important to support black businesses? Firstly, it sheds light on and increases awareness on black businesses and business people who may otherwise be subconsciously overlooked and forgotten about. It creates generational wealth and prevents money from going to large corporations. It enables the creation of more wealth, sustainability and helps our community move forward. Black Pound Day also encourages people who are not of colour to actively experience a black business.


The next question that’s important to answer is: how can I support black businesses? There are many ways that you can be an active supporter of Black Pound Day. The very first way you can do it is by showing your support by spending your money at black owned businesses. Whether that’s by buying great quality wigs at CDB London (shameless plug), or ordering food at your local black owned restaurant. No matter the value of your purchase, the support itself is invaluable. To find ones that might interest you to support, have a look at the #BlackPoundDay hashtag and look at some of the different directories that are out there, dedicated to black-owned businesses.

Spending money is just one way you can show your support, but it’s definitely not limited to it. Here are some of the ways you can support for free. The first way is through engagement, this looks like: liking, sharing, commenting, reposting stories, sharing with others and saving content. This helps businesses visibility increase on social media platforms, this is crucial for smaller businesses. Make sure to give and leave positive reviews to encourage others to buy from there too.


Another way you can show your support is by educating yourself. We’ve heard the saying ‘knowledge is power!’ this is certainly the case. When you educate yourself on issues that affect the black community, you’re able to contribute in effective ways. Educating yourself looks like reading, researching and sharing information. It also looks like following and subscribing to black people and business. There are even films you can watch about historical black people like Hidden Figures. Currently, the CDB London team’s favourite film is Self-Made: ;ode pf Madam CJ Walker.


Signing up to mailing lists is another way you can show your support. They keep you in the loop of all that’s going on and get exclusive content regarding the company. Click here to sign up to CDB London’s mailing list.


The above are just a few ways you can be proactive. Although, Black Pound Day is a monthly occurrence, our support of black owned businesses should not end there, we should aim to do so all the time. Buy, engage, educate and sign-up!