IWD21: Black Women Killing It Right Now

This month we’re celebrating International Women’s Month and with the dedicated day tomorrow (March 8th), we thought it would only be fitting to have a blog post dedicated to it. With black women all around the world achieving great things across many sectors in a pandemic... we felt that they deserve to be celebrated. Just as you deserve to be celebrated for all your achievements - there’s no such thing as a small success. 


The very first group of people we’re celebrating are the ones who have seen us through this pandemic, I’m talking about the frontline workers and carers. It’s been reported and confirmed that black women make up a disproportionately large amount of frontline workers, especially in London. These women go out on a daily basis caring for others at their own risk -  they are the true heroines of this time and we owe them so much. Their selflessness, care, integrity and work ethic cannot go unnoticed or uncelebrated. 

Black women are killing it across multiple fields and being recognised for it. This rings true in the culinary world too. It was only in September 2019 that chef Mariya Russell was awarded with a Michelin star, making her the first black female to ever receive one.This is monumental as it’s never been done in the history of Michelin which spans over nine decades. Chef Russells who is a chef at Kikkō, a Japanese restaurant located in Chicago, is bringing representation in the cooking world, which is a male dominated industry.

We’ve all seen the memes saying: ‘get you a girl who can do both’. Well, one of our CDB London babes is the true embodiment of this. Hayley Mulenda who is a full time student, public speaker and now drill artist is demonstrating her multifaceted skills, and her ability to excel in all that she does. She has public speaking at companies such as Microsoft, an award winning book, and now a debut single called ‘Prosper’ that reached the top 10 under her belt! An inspiration that you can do whatever you put your mind to.

Black women in the UK have always been a creative voice, and there are so many that use their platform to create awareness to key issues that are impacting black women. Black Ballad founded by Tobi Oredein is a fantastic example of this. The online magazine empowers black women through educational and engaging content, and creates a platform that black women can utilise to not only share their experiences but the experiences of others in written form. This has become a platform for many young black female writers - which is truly needed and serves well. 

Another one of our CDB London babes who is killing it in their fields is one of our faves, and if you follow us on Instagram you’ve probably seen her, is Meg Zeenat. She is a public speaker, writer and a mental health advocate. This is so important especially as the topic of mental health was one that remained unspoken, avoided and reduced to a taboo within the black community. Having advocates like Meg change how we view mental health in the black community by educating us and debunking the myths!

Last and certainly not least, we want to shout CDB London’s founder and managing director Courtney Daniella Boateng. She’s a Cambridge graduate, a full time YouTuber, podcaster and obviously CDB London founder. In doing so, she has created many opportunities for others (including myself), given advice to many others through her platforms. A real big sister to the multitudes. She has shown many of us that it’s not just about the doors that you can open for yourself but the opportunities that you can create for others. We love to see it. 

These are just a few of the women across multiple sectors who are changing the landscape for us all. Whatever you do you’re having impact. Whether that’s in your workplace, university or even in your social circle do not underestimate the influence and the change you’re creating because you are unstoppable.