Looks Inspo for Your Quarantine Valentine's

Valentine’s day is around the corner and no matter how you’re celebrating this year, we still want you to look cute. Some of us we’ll be celebrating with bae at home, others on a Zoom or Facetime date, and whilst the rest of us  will be enjoying a date for one. Whatever your Valentine's date looks like this year, we hope it’s full of love - that includes self love, platonic love and familial love. 

Valentine's Day

I am personally a lover of Valentine's day, even though I’ve been single for most of them. That never stops me from doing something either with my friends or my mum. I just love love no matter what form it comes in. One thing I always do for Valentine’s day is dress up. It makes me feel myself! So girls... go ham. 

A crucial part of your outfit for a date is your hair - of course. Now, we obviously can’t go to the salon to get our hair done, but we can get salon quality hairstyles at home with a CDB London wig. We’ll give you some inspiration for your quarantine Valentine’s day to ensure you look drop dead gorgeous, no matter what you’re doing. 

A sleek low pony

I find a low, middle part, sleek ponytail a super chic and hot look. Especially when it’s a long ponytail as well - you’ll be bound to impress anyone with this look (including yourself). It can be paired with so many outfits, makeup looks and beautiful dramatic earrings. You’ll be looking like you’re ready to go to the shard even when you’re just staying in your living room. 


Sleek ponytail


The simple look with the perfect accessories

My new CDB London obsession is the Toni wig: it gives me boss-babe-taking-a-quick-trip-to-Paris vibes. It’s a bit of me. I think it’s so simple and compliments a really classy look. I recommend pairing this wig with some pretty barrettes. You can opt for ones with pearls or diamante. Match it with a cute mini white dress, you’ll be looking super trendy and romantic.

The Toni Wig 

Red is the colour of love

Cheesy I know, but I just can’t help it! After all red is the colour of love so why not get in theme for the day, and wear a lovely red wig. It’s vibrant, edgy and out there. You can have a long red wig or opt for a bob. This will definitely get you in the romantic mood. This looks best with a simpler more subtle outfit and make up look. Why not add some loose waves to make it look even more romantic.


Make waves with a Waterwaves 

You’ll be looking like you just stepped out of the water and looking super glam. This look screams effortless but beautiful vibes. This is a super feminine look, perfect for your Zoom date or Zoom Galentines. You’ll be feeling and looking completely gorgeous, not to mention your instagram stories and pictures will be popping. 

Water waves

So, whatever you decide to do or whoever you decide to celebrate with, enjoy Valentine’s day. Show yourself some self-love by treating yourself to a new wig or some bundles (available February 1st), dress up, order some food and enjoy. You certainly deserve to be spoilt, why wait for someone else to do it, do it for you!