Natural Products to Use in Your Hair

The Earth has plenty of resources at our disposal and it’s truly a blessing. From medicine, materials and food, everything we need . For centuries women have used natural resources for their beauty regimens, and they still do till today. Women all around the globe still use natural products and they’re becoming increasingly more trendier. It seems it’s not only our hair that is becoming more natural but our products are too. 

In the last decade or so, we’ve become conscious of what we put in our bodies, on our skins and in our hair. We’ve seen the power of the consumer when it comes to the beauty industry. We’ve applied pressure to businesses to become more conscious of their ingredients and they have heard our complaints. Now we’re seeing products that are sulfate and paraben free, and that use natural ingredients.

Oil for hair

Nonetheless, there’s nothing like using natural products for DIY hair treatments. It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Some products can be bought at your local green grocers, some you may have in your cupboards already, and others you can buy from Amazon. Moreover, some of these suggestions also come with some interesting culture and history. 


Aloe Vera 

This is a personal favourite of mine because of its hydrating qualities. Aloe Vera is not just used in the beauty industry but in the medical industry too. 

Nothing gets my curls popping like some Aloe Vera, I sometimes use it as a gel. You can get it either at your ;local green grocers, or you can grow your own plant and have a longer supplier. It’s great as a hair treatment and mask. Like I said you can use it as a curl defining gel too. It’s super moisturising and a little goes a long way.

Shea Butter 

Shea butter has been used for beauty for centuries, some even say that Cleopatra used it. The Shea tree can be located in around 21 countries in Africa. The butter has a range of benefits for both hair and skin. It’s loaded with Vitamin A and E, which is great for conditioning hair and moisturising your hair. It’s known for reviving your hair especially if you have some split ends!

Chebe Powder

Chebe powder has been growing in popularity in the western world. The women in Chad have been known to use this, and it’s considered to be their secret to long hair. The powder boasts that it can strengthen hair to avoid hair breakage and promote hair retention. You can get Chebe powder and make your own Chebe paste by getting it on Amazon. 

Jamaican Black Castor Oil 

Jamaican Castor oil seems to be in many people’s beauty regimen, and it’s not without good reason. As the name suggests the oil comes from Jamaica! It’s been known to promote hair growth and scalp health. It’s great if you use the LCO or LCO methods. Furthermore, it has an antibacterial property as well, which is great for your scalp.

Rice water

It wasn’t that long ago that we saw an influx of beauty influencers on our YouTube explore page reviewing the trend. This trend has a deep rooted history in India, and is also reputed to be the secret to rapid hair growth. What’s great is that most of us will have some rice in our cupboards. Most reviews have said they’ve said hair growth in the matter of weeks. Be warned it can be a bit stinky!

Have you guys tried any of these? What were your favourites? What worked and what didn’t work?