Our Favourite Celebrities That Rock Wigs

We all have our go to celebrities when it comes to styles. Whether it’s fashion looks, red carpet looks, or even nails. Well, there’s one we’re on a look out for today and that’s wigs!

It’ll come as no surprise that many of our favourite celebrities are donning wigs and aren’t wearing their natural tresses. There are many reasons for this, but the most common reason is to reduce damage from all the processing and manipulation their hair would have to go through. Imagine this: you have event after event, press tour after press tour, performance or movie after another. All whilst having to look flawless (I’ll save the piece on impossible beauty standards for next time). With that in mind their hair would have been dyed, cut, bleached and would have to handle heat far too often to survive. Plus with all the travelling, who would have the time to look after it? It’s for that reason many celebrities opt for wigs.

It was previously believed that it was predominantly black women who wore wigs (also because not all stylists knew how to do black women’s hair - I’ll save that for next time), more and more white and other ethnicities have also been wearing wigs, Kylie Jenner and Lady Gaga just to name a few. 

There’s so much we could talk about when it comes to hair and hollywood, but I’ll keep it light this time and focus on our wig inspos! Here’s some of our favourite celebrity wig inspos.

Lil’ Kim

Whether you grew up listening to Lil Kim’s music or not, she’s undeniably an icon. She’s had so many iconic fashion and wig looks, and has contributed to coloured wigs becoming mainstream. She was seen with blue, green, pink and even patterned wigs! She definitely took risks with wigs in terms of colours and has inspired many to do the same as well. 

Lil Kim Wig


Nicki Minaj

Now I couldn’t and wouldn’t make this list without including Nicki Minaj. Her wig game has just gone from strength to strength. Whether it’s her now infamous Superbass half pink and half blonde wig, or a personal favourite - the pink cornrows from the Motosport music video. Whatever your favourite look is we’re sure you’ve screenshotted and looked high and low for it -  I know I have.

Nicki Minaj wig



When iit comes to fashion, there’s very little wrong that Zendaya can do. She takes risks that always pay off. She’s often seen on fashion best dressed lists and that's also because of her hair. She’s worn blunt cut bobs, long curly tresses, pixie cuts to a gorgeous afro. Whatever she wears she slays and that’s why she’s made it on our list.

Zendaya wig



Our girl Ciara really does know how to change up her hair game, whether that’s rocking faux locs, a pink wig or long waves she always looks so stylish. She really gives off effortless bohemian chic and we are here for it! She really is serving looks… constantly.

Ciara Wig



Queen B! She is the queen of discrete and natural looking wigs. She has been wearing wigs for years and all of them look absolutely amazing. She rocks her signature honey blonde wig that she has now known for. She sometimes wears it with curls, waves, or straight. However she decides to wear her wigs, she always looks super natural, you can barely tell it's a wig. Beyoncé gets our votes for wig inspo.

Beyonce Wig

That concludes our wig royalty list! These are just some of our favourite celebrities rocking wigs, there are so many more. Did we miss any? What are your favourites? We want to hear from you