Our Favourite Relatable Hair Memes


Lockdown is starting to ease up, but we’re not forgetting our trusted friend that kept us throughout the whole of  quarantine… memes. Ah yes, where would we be without them. They kept us scrolling in our happy place when the world was in, well, shambles. Some of them have even been educational and others just plain old nonsense. Memes remind us of the good times, keep us laughing in the hard times and show us that the internet remains undefeated. Quite frankly, I have seen loads this week that have genuinely made me chuckle and I thought why not share some with the CDB London family.


 Memes always hit differently when you can relate to them, that’s why I’m sharing my favourite hair related memes with you guys, because if we’re being honest, we’ve probably experienced most of these. So sit tight and get ready to laugh your wigs off. 


  1.   The Secure Wig Meme

If you ever claim to have never  ever experienced a ‘Wind Wig Scare’ (I just coined this term), then you’re lying. Especially in England the wind doesn’t respect your wig, but when the wig is secure… you can embrace the wind, strut your stuff as if you were in an early 2000’s music video. This meme pays homage to all those days you were able to work it because the wig was secure. 




  1.   Wig first timers

So, this gets to me every time because this has been me *laughs through the tears* . When you try to install your wig by yourself for the first time at home, and it doesn’t look like when your stylist did it. We’ve all been there sis, there’s no judgement here. If this is you CDB London has the #HairMadeEasy tutorials on YouTube and Instagram so that you don’t have to go through it any more.

 Styling a wig for the first time meme



  1.   Who wore it best 

Have you ever walked into a room, a function or a packed train and seen someone with the exact same wig? And you gave each other that look that screamed ‘ayyyyyy’? Yep me too. This meme perfectly captures that moment and I’m living for it. 

spider man meme


  1.   Don’t say it!

You know your wig is laid when everyone thinks your wig is your actual hair. Yet, instead of letting everyone believe it’s your hair, you can’t help but tell everyone that it’s a wig. I get it, you’re just so happy that you laid your hair so well and you’re loyal to your wig stylist, you want the people to know ‘she did that.’ You’re just really supportive, I rate that. 



  1.   No wig ? No facetime 

We’ve all been there, it’s the beginning of a new relationship and you want to impress bae. He still hasn’t seen you without your wig yet, but in due time. Then one day he has the nerve to Facetime you with no warning when you have no wig one… what do you do? You watch the screen until it goes to black and all you can see is your reflection, in a headscarf, smirking. Today was not the day. This meme is that day. 

Snoop dog meme


  1.   I told you

This takes us back to sew-ins and the trauma of it all. Remember insisting to the stylist that two bundles were enough, nothing hurt more than when you heard those words… ‘I told you.’Those days were rough, you had to save money on your bundles and all you could do is hope that they were enough. Sigh.

Viola davis sew in meme

I’ve been laughing all through these – my ab workout is officially done for the day. Hope you guys had a good laugh too. Check out our Instagram page as we post funny memes.