Our Favourite Relatable Hair Memes: Part Two

We’re back again with one of my favourite blog posts… we’re talking memes, and I really do love a good meme. So, I had to give you guys a part two just because the internet never sleeps and I don’t want you guys missing out on any of the action. As we all know, 2020 has been an interesting year to say the least but that hasn't stopped the internet from doing what it does best - madness. Quite frankly, the memes have honestly kept me going through it all, and I wanted to share the ones that have kept me rolling for days. Of course being that we’re the home of fabulous wigs: these memes are all hair related, and extremely relatable. This is your official trigger warning as some of these memes may cause flashbacks, laughter and small small tears. Enjoy!

1. The hairdresser wait

First on the list, is one that we can definitely all relate to. Let me set the scene. You’ve got the date circled in your calendar, the reminder on your phone has been set, you’ve been counting down the days until you finally get your hair done. This time you’re adamant you’re going to be on time, so you plan your whole journey and you actually get there on time. Only to find that there are like three people before you and they literally just started. This quick hairdresser trip turned into a whole day thing. As you can probably tell this is a very sensitive subject to me


2. Eating your meal whilst looking like a snack 

When you’ve got to eat but still want to look good. Nobody wants hair in their food and nobody wants food in their hair, especially when you’ve got yourself a CDB London wig. So, naturally you do the dramatic hair flip to make sure your inches are out of the way and that you’re ready to tuck in to the good good food.




3. Living my best life

In life, be the best person (or cat) on the right who made the right decision by deciding to buy a 6x6 closure that can be worn with or without glue and it still looks like a frontal. Sis, don’t be the person on the left, who slaved away for hours on their frontal. Take the convenient route hun. 




4. If you know, you know

This one is for my CDB London MVPs! For all of you that know and those that don’t (it’s time to get to know), the Kennedy Wig is one of our bestsellers and was out of stock for a while. But it’s back! Seeing another babe wearing a Kennedy Wig really brings two people together, like an unspoken bond.




5. The waterproof wig 

We’ve all wanted to have a waterproof wig, one that is somehow water repellant. Perfect for when you go on holiday..Well this wig gives waterproof a whole new meaning. This wig did not come to play and was not about to get wet. It did a whole u-turn back onto the diving board!




6. Make your wig your home

We’ve all contemplated whether to buy a wig or not as it can be an expense, a great one though. So when in doubt about whether to buy one or not, remember this meme. Your wig is basically your home, your roof, your sanctuary so how can you really  put a price on it? Am I right? Treat yourself girl. 


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Like I said the internet literally never sleeps and these prove it. To catch more of our own memes follow us on Instagram for a cheeky giggle.