Quick and Easy Ways to Style a Bob Wig

It’s bob season baby! This doesn’t have to be a boring one either, make the most out of your wig by playing around with different styles and get versatile. There are multiple ways you can style your bob wig, you can get loads of looks with just one wig. We’re going to show you how to diversify your wig so you're ready no matter the occasion.


Look number 1: RETRO LOOK


This look is best described as straight hair with the ends flicked up, reminiscent of the 60’s retro era. It’s incredibly easy to replicate. All you need are some really good straighteners. First things first, you’ll need to make sure your wig is well combed and knot free. Then separate your hair into medium sized sections. Grab your straighteners and then as if you were going to straighten your hair, normally the straighteners down the shaft of the hair until you get near to the bottom of the hair. Once you’ve reached the bottom of the hair, flick the ends in a curved upwards motion. When you’ve completed the look, comb through the flicks so that they’re all uniform. That’s it for look number one. It’s classy, it’s bougie, it’s a look.



Look number 2: 90s EDGE 


This look gives me a late 90s/early 00s vibes. It’s the cool modern version of what I called the Lizzie McGuire hairstyle (if you know, you know). To achieve this next style all you need is a bob and a crimper, we’re using the Kennedy wig. Begin by sectioning the hair into medium sized parts, clipping the rest of the hair to not mix up the sections. This should be followed by combing the section of your hair, to get rid of any knots improving the overall style of the hair. With your crimper, go down the entire shaft of your hair, from top to bottom. Hold your crimper on each section 8-10 seconds. Do this over again on all the sections throughout the wig. Once done spray your hair with some hairspray. This is a simple look but can be worn anywhere.

90S Edge look

There you have it, just two quick and easy additional looks you can try with the Kennedy wig. These are just one of many. If you do have a go at any of these styles tag us in any pictures you upload on Instagram @cdblondon we can’t wait to see your beautiful looks!