Some of Our Favourite 2020 Hair Trends


Lockdown is easing up and it feels like it’s been a long time coming. The rules are becoming more relaxed meaning, if you choose, you’ll be able to go out and eat, see people or even go to the cinema. This is a big deal, and rightly so. I know you’ve been planning for this moment since lockdown began. I can practically smell the excitement. You’ve probably even bought an outfit for your first day back out. Heck, maybe you even got yourself a snazzy face mask too, because you want to stay safe but cute. But what about your hair? Let’s be real: we all know it’s the hairstyle that ties the outfit together. 


Picking the right hairstyle might be the most difficult bit when assembling a good outfit, it’s so hard because there are just so many to choose from. Then we have to think about what’s even ‘in’ nowadays? Sigh, the dilemma of it all. I hear all your questions, and I’m here to help.


In order to get to your most stylish self, I’m going to give you a rundown of the 2020 summer hottest hairstyles. Summer isn’t over yet it’s just beginning so, let’s make sure we make the most of it. I’ll be letting you know some of our favourite trends here at CDB London from cuts, lengths to colour. We know you have your work cut out for you (get it?), but we’re here to help. 


The bob

The bob is an absolute classic and it’s making a comeback this summer. The stylish cut has made a return but with a twist or should I say a cut. This sleek look just got a whole lot edgier by going a little shorter, it’s really trendy at an ear length. This is perfect if you’re going for a sharp and stylish look or, what I like to call: CEO vibes. 



This look has been slayed by loads of British beauty influencers. CDB London will be relaunching our bestseller the Kennedy wig this week, which is the perfect short bob for this year’s #bobseason. 



The bob is not the only hair trend making a comeback this summer, highlights are back too! Whether you’re going for bronze highlights or the rainbow highlights, they’re all in. Match highlights with beach waves and you’ll be looking like you just came off a beach in Malibu. 


This look will match that whole beach look, so wear light fabrics and colours and you’ll definitely be giving beach babe vibes.


Pastel colours

Now onto colours. It seems like most celebrities have had at least one pastel colour change, and I’m talking about both males and females. This is definitely the time to spruce up your head top with some colour, and what’s better than some pastel colours. Some of the go to pastel colours of choice have been the pinks, the lilacs and even rainbow colours.  

If you’re feeling the colour look for your wig, CDB London offers an awesome service where we colour your wig for you. Dyeing your hair can be a bit scary especially when you hear the word bleach therefore, a wig might be a better alternative. The other option is the temporary dye gel or wax, they come in some really cool colours without damaging your hair. 


Natural hair

You can never go wrong with showing off your natural hair, and summer is the perfect time as you don’t have to worry about the harsh conditions of winter. So, chuck on some of that leave in conditioner and watch your curls flourish. It’s time to embrace your natural hair this summer. 


Personally, I find that natural hair livens up any look whether you’re wearing a basic tee or cute summer dress, you’ll definitely be a show stopper. Whatever the length there are so many styles that you can try. The beauty of natural hair is its versatility and strength. Don’t be afraid to be daring with your natural hair.