Some of Our Favourite Hair Masks

 Moisturising, deep conditioning, reparative, the list of types of hair masks could literally go on and on. The endless options can be overwhelming, and somehow you end up with a shelf of ten different half-used hair products, because you can’t seem to pick which ones work best for you. You’ve watched the YouTube videos, you’ve tried them all, which quite frankly is exhausting and kind of expensive. 


We want to make things simple. You guys already know that here at CDB London we care about the health of your hair, because what’s under the wig is just as, if not more important. There’s really no need to compromise your hair for a wig, we want you to slay with both. So, we’ve already given you some tips and tricks on how to look after your hair in between wig changes from moisturising your scalp to removing excess glue, but we want to do more. This time we want to let you know some of our favourite hair masks based on our hair needs. We’re giving you real range. 

hair masks 

Let’s start by answering the question of: why do we actually need hair masks? Hair masks are basically food for your hair, they provide your hair with the necessary nutrients to keep your hair strong, moisturised and repair any damage if necessary. However, different masks have different purposes, so it’s important to know exactly what your hair needs. Is your hair dry? Then you’ll need a moisturizing mask? Is your hair weak? Then you’ll need a protein mask to strengthen the shaft of the hair. Different hair porosities also favour different masks i.e. low porosity favours moisture and high porosity favours protein.


I recommend switching up your masks to avoid any build up or overload. For me, I use more moisturising masks with the occasional use of protein masks.


Now that that’s sorted here’s the list:


  1.   Shea Moisture – Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen, Grow & Restore Treatment

This is a really good mask and perfect if you need that extra protein as well as moisture. It targets both problem areas and leaves your hair feeling noticeably softer. You only need to leave it for 10 minutes but, if you’re anything like me I keep in for at least an hour and use my steamer. If you don’t have a steamer use  cling film and/or a plastic bag. 

  1.   As I am – Hydration Elation

This mask is fantastic if your hair is on the dry end of the spectrum. Lack of hydration tends to be the biggest cause of lack of curl definition, using this mask will definitely help get your curls popping. Once again the recommended time is about 10 minutes. What you can do is apply it in the shower, get your shower cap on and let the hot water run over the shower. The heat helps the mask penetrate your hair, you can do this whilst you’re showering.

  1.   Aphogee  Keratin 2 min Reconstructor

This hair mask contains keratin which is a protein which is naturally found in healthy hair and is often used to repair damaged hair. If your hair is damaged, chemically treated or weak this hair mask really gets to work. Just like it says on the packaging, all you need to do is put on your hair for two minutes. With this mask you don’t need to use it as often as the others. 


  1.   ORS Hair Mayonnaise 

This is one of my personal favourites because it’s so moisturising yet it’s a protein treatment and to top it all off it’s really inexpensive. You definitely get more than you pay for. Even though you don’t have to wear this mask for that long I go all night with this one. It’s just super nourishing. I definitely recommend it. 

  1.   Natural Aloe Vera mask

I genuinely believe you cannot go wrong with a natural homemade mask. It ensures that you don’t have any added unnecessary chemicals in there, they can be really inexpensive. This Aloe Vera mask is great if you need moisture. All you need to do is blend some Aloe Vera with some honey and an oil of choice (I recommend coconut or Shea). Once blended apply in your hair for about an hour then wash thoroughly or risk having aloe Vera chunks in your hair – trust me it’s not fun. 

  1.   Natural Avocado mask 

This is another natural hair mask perfect if you need some extra protein. Avocados are both great on toast and in your hair because of its fatty nature. Add a ripe avocado with an oil of your choice (I recommend olive oil or black castor oil), an egg and honey. This protein rich mix should be well blended or you will be finding avocado in your hair for a few days.. This should be left on for about an hour and then wash out thoroughly. 



There we go guys I’ve shared some of my favourite hair masks based on hair needs. Hopefully this helps narrow your hair mask search.