Student Hacks: Why You Should Be Wearing a Wig at Uni

If you’re a student and reading this - first and foremost congrats! Whether you’ve just started your first year or going back, you deserve to be celebrated as it’s been no easy feat - so well done to you all. You guys are probably starting to settle down and are maybe even going to lectures (not sure how that’s working out with the pandemic). You might have even got your student finance and you’re feeling like a top baller. 

Now, you might be thinking “what should I buy?” You can go down the splurge route (which I don’t recommend) or, be wise and invest it in something you can actually use for a long time… something like a wig, perhaps? A wig might seem like a weird suggestion but as I explain why as a student you should buy a wig, it’ll all make sense. Here are some reasons why you should be wearing a wig at uni. 

A student studying

Reason number one: access

Not everybody goes to uni in London or even in a large metropolitan city, meaning that it might be harder to find someone to do Afro hair. The options can be rather slim. Option one is travelling back home which can end up being more expensive, especially if you like to change hairstyles often. Option two is to attempt to learn how to do hair yourself, and to be honest between lectures, seminars and assignments that might not be the best use of your time. Finally option three, go to that one girl on campus who claims to know how to braid, yet somehow each braid varies in size and thickness. Well, there’s one more option… get a wig. You don’t have to worry about accessibility and finding a hair salon. When you order a wig from CDB London your wig arrives at your doorstep.

Reason number two: time

Another reason you should get a wig is time efficiency. At university, if you don’t know yet you’ll soon get to know that time is a scarce commodity. Adding hair care to an already hectic schedule may get too much. You might ask what’s an extra hour or so? Trust me it all adds up. Plus, when those early 9am lectures hit, you don’t want to be waking up extra early to just do your hair. Wigs are great in that you can literally just pop it on in before lectures and pesto you’re effortlessly slaying. 

Reason number three: a long-term investment

You’ve probably heard this before and are likely to hear this again: wigs are an investment. With other protective styles, they tend to be one off but with a wig, you buy it once and for all. It’s a one time purchase .So, you don’t have to worry about booking your next appointment or saving your coins for the next appointment. The gap between student loan drops can seem super long, you wouldn’t have to put off doing your hair until the next payment (I’ve been there and it’s not fun).

Reason number four: versatility

This next one applies mostly if there wasn’t pandemic: but having your hair done for parties or in this current global crisis *a gathering of six people*. You want to dress up and do your hair. Getting a wig means you don’t have to think about having to straighten your hair, doing a wash and go or getting new braids. All you need to do is put on your wig, style it real quick and you’ll be looking like you just came off a runaway. 

Wigs are so versatile, easy to use and time efficient. They’re worth spending on as it can really help whilst at uni. So,if you're thinking about your next style whilst at uni, consider trying a wig. Even if you’re new to the wig life we have an array of #HairMadeEasy tutorial, so there you go: life made easy.