The CDB London Journey: How We Got Here

We’re days away from our next big restock and the launch of some new features. With all the new changes on the horizon we can’t help but look back at our journey. We weren’t alway selling out stock, we didn’t always have that logo and we didn’t always have a team. It’s all part of a journey. So, this blog post is a little different. We’ll be hearing from CDB London’s Managing Director Courtyney Daniella as she talks us through the successes.

Getting the first CDB London Studio:

Two months into me starting CDB London in 2018 my mum was sick of me making wigs in the house because I was constantly blocking the sink, leaving dye and bleach stains on towels, and leaving hair strands absolutely everywhere. So, she told me to find a new workspace or stop my business. At the time it felt like she was the biggest enemy of progress,but in hindsight it was the challenge and wakeup call I needed to step out in faith and look for my first space. I knew it would be a financial commitment, so I’d have to force myself and the company to grow.

 I found a space but the deposit and 1 months rent upfront took all the money in my account. Thankfully, my dad believed in the vision and gave me his credit card with a strict £500 spending limit. So I bought wood floors, hired a handyman to paint, a styling chair and a vanity mirror and the first CDB Studio was born. It was a small space on a high street in north London. It was on the inside of a laundrette, but it was perfect. Small beginnings!



Getting the CDB London team:

I started CDB London having worked as a hair stylist for years, I was used to making wigs in my room and being responsible for every aspect of building the business and brand. I was the graphic designer, the social media manager, the customer service, ALL OF IT. It became overwhelming and I decided that even though the companies finances weren’t in the best place, in the year of 2020 when a lot of people had lost their jobs or were looking for more income, I wanted to create a team of women who could collaborate and share their skills and knowledge to build a brand that served other women globally.

 I didn’t think anyone would want to join the journey but to my surprise the response to us hiring was crazy! After years of carrying it alone I found a team of 5 amazing women who for the next few months would dedicate time to helping CDB London become better, all whilst laughing, sharing stories, and becoming girlfriends over wigless meetings on Zoom. I can’t wait to collaborate with more talented amazing people this year.




Our first sold out sale:

After thinking of closing down CDB London due to the multiple obstacles the pandemic put in the way of the salon and hairdresser industry, I decided to step out on faith one more time and rebrand as an ecommerce company. The brand this time was going to be providing premium hair and wig making services to women all over the world, I wanted to show them all that getting your hair done could be easy – even in lockdown. After loads of financial and logistical difficulty, we finally had stock in the UK which we could sell. So, when the first black pound day came along, we decided to do a massive sale. I was used to getting a few sales here and there, and was bearing in mind that no one was going anywhere. I was reluctant to do a sale, but I was inspired by the new CDB Team’s faith in the vision of building a global hair brand that wasn’t complicated. We prepared 10x the wigs we usually would have. When the sale went live, we sold out of everything in 24 hours, it was the highest number of wigs we had ever sold at the time and it felt amazing. 

That brings us to today! We’re getting ready to launch some exciting new features and projects whilst we project and envision growth. We’ve also launched CDB London Academy - where we train young stylists to gain the skills necessary to be their own bosses. We can’t wait to continue to build our community with all of you! Thank you for being a part of the journey.