The Different Types of Curl Patterns You Can Pick For a Wig


We all know that people’s natural hair comes in various textures such as 2B, 3C, 4A and all that jazz. However, how many of us actually know that wigs come in different textures as well? Yes, sis Malaysian, Brazilian and Peruvian aren’t just the names of the countries of origin of your wig. No, no, no they’re also telling of the feel, colour and texture of the hair. It’s meant to help you best decide on what kind of look you want to go for. But today we’re not going into that (keep an eye on the blog for more), today we’re looking at different types of curls and waves.


Believe it or not, there are multiple types of curls and when you buy a wig they all have different names. I already know some of you out there are able to name a few of them but, most people actually get the names of the different curl patterns confused. Others might not know the name of any curl patterns and just pick the ones that look the nicest. Today however, this all changes. I’m going to get you guys up to speed with all the different curl patterns. You’ll be able to pick the perfect curly wig for yourself in no time. 


There are various hair textures you can pick from when choosing a wig. You can opt for the straight wigs, curly wigs and wavy wigs. They  can all come in different variations as well, like silky or kinky. In terms of curls and waves they’re available in: water waves, body waves, loose waves, deep waves and loose deep waves (yep, that’s a thing). I didn’t know so many variations of waves existed until recently. But now that we know the names of the different types of curls, let’s look at what makes them individual and unique to each other. 


Water waves

Water waves have been a popular trend for a hot minute now. Water waves give the wig  super defined curls with an almost wet look. Something that most people don’t know about water waves is that the curls are actually positioned in a way that they are facing opposite to one other. This helps single out each curl. They’re also great for volume as well so, if you want that fuller look water waves are a good option.



Deep waves

People have a tendency to get deep waves confused with water waves yet, there are some key differences. Deep waves have tight curls that are all positioned in the same way. This style tends to look more like curly hair but has the texture of body and loose waves as well. It’s often sold as described as curly hair. The type of wave patterns tends to be a little flatter than water waves, making this wig is perfect for a soft and romantic look.


Body Waves

Body waves is another super popular style of wig, and a first choice for many. The curl pattern in this style is a lot looser than the ones mentioned above. It has an ‘S’ curl pattern throughout the whole wig. The hair tends to be a lot of volume, shiny and youthful. This hair is perfect if you don’t want bone straight hair or what to be able to alternate between straight and wavy. 



Loose Waves

So, you might be asking what’s the difference between body waves and loose waves… I promise you, there’s a difference. Loose waves’ curl pattern is actually a tad tighter and smaller than body waves. The curls don’t all go in the same direction which gives it its volume. They’re known for having a fuller look all throughout the hair, which makes the ends look nice as well. 


Loose Deep waves 

This style isn’t as popular as the ones above but still are a fantastic look. This basically a combination of the loose waves and deep waves, so you have defined meets loose curl patterns. The curls tend to be larger than your regular deep wave curls that you’re used to. This look can be very natural looking and it’s super voluminous. 




And there we have it, the different curls and wave patterns for you to try out when you purchase your next wig. Now you’ll be looking like a babe and you’re all clued up on all things curls and waves. If you see a CDB London wig you like pre-order now to get your custom wig made. Don’t forget to tag us in any pics you post @cdblondon