The Do's and Don'ts of Using Wig Glues

Some people swear by glue and others have sworn off glues, but what’s the actual truth.  With all the conflicting opinions, we all just want to know the answer to this simple question: ‘Should I be using glue for my wigs?” Well, we’re here to help you use glues safely if you decide to use it. 


For all my wig newbies and novices – let’s get some context. Glue tends to be the popular choice for fans of lace fronts as opposed to those that use closures. Although, people do use glue for both. To give that more natural look people want to secure that lace frontal all the way down with a little bit of glue whereas, with closures you can just pop it on, hence why people don’t feel the need to glue it down. 

Lace wig frontal

So, let’s start with some reasons why you should be using glue: it’s a sure fire way to secure your wig. Come wind or rain, that wig aint going anywhere. This is something that most people want when wearing a wig, we want to be sure that we’re not going to end up on any meme pages on Instagram. 


Another reason is that it’s great if you want to lay the baby hairs. This is a really popular trend, as it really does give the illusion of natural hair, because let’s be honest most of us don’t want people thinking our wig is a wig. Those little final touches can really make difference.


Now there are some dangers to using glue if you don’t use it properly. First foremost, all though glues are great for giving the appearance of edges and baby hairs they’re terrible for your actual ones. Glues when not applied properly have been known to actually weaken edges and potentially rip them out – ouch! This can lead to permanent hair loss or alopecia. 


To avoid this happening here are some safe practices to applying glue for your hair: 

  1.   Don’t put the glue on your hair 

Please, please, please do not apply the glue on your hair or edges. Aesthetically you may look great but under the wig the damage can be long lasting. We want both your wig and your hair to look good #keepyouredges2020


  1.   Do put the skin as opposed to the hair 

Putting it on the skin helps you avoid contact with your hair, allowing your edges to stay intact. Don’t


  1.   Don’t put too much glue

For all you heavy handed people out there… less is more. You don’t need a huge amount of glue, it actually ruins the look.


  1.   Do wait for the glue to go clear 

This is more an aesthetic thing, this helps avoid the glue getting tacky and white.

Now that you know the do's and don'ts of using glues, you might want to learn how to glue your lace front. Check out our blog post and our video.