The Global Lace Shortage: All You Need to Know

The last few months have been interesting to say the least, and we’ve all been affected one way or another. The current pandemic has impacted jobs, industries and everyday life. Yet, we still push on and work with what we’ve got. It seems that no industry is immune to the threats of the coronavirus unfortunately, the hair industry, more specifically, the wig industry has now been affected. Some of you may have seen on social media that there is a global lace shortage. We can confirm that this is true. No sis, this isn’t a dream! Meaning that there is less lace, which is what is used to make wigs, in circulation impacting the number of wigs readily available. Don’t be alarmed girl! CDB London is gonna get you clued up and glued up (see what I did there?) so keep reading for all the information you need to know about the current situation. 


How did it all begin? How did we get to the point where we're having a global lace shortage? Well since COVID-19, production in many countries has slowed down for obvious reasons, such as lockdown and to minimise exposure to workers to prevent the further spreading of the virus. This has already impacted the number of lace in circulation, creating a major deficit. This was then furthered by the recent news that North Korea, which is the biggest producer and distributor of lace products such as wigs, closure and frontals, are ceasing all production until 2021. Ultimately, they’re not making anymore lace until next year. Other lace manufacturers have slowed down their production as well, such as the luxury lace manufacturers in Switzerland. So, that’s how we got here. 

Now that you’re up to date with the current situation, what does it all mean to you and me? Firstly, it’s impacting many hair and wig businesses as lace is now a scarce commodity. Or, in business 101 terms: if supply decreases but demand increases… things get more expensive. Prices of laces are going up and the race to getting lace to make wigs is beginning to look more and more like ‘The Hunger Games’. Everyone is rushing to get their hands on some, I’m talking about some Lord of the Rings ‘my precious’ level of desperation here.  Meaning that as the price of lace increases most wig makers will have to increase their prices to cover costs. Unfortunately, the price of wigs will be increasing everywhere. 

Remember I said don’t be alarmed. There are a few things you can do to make sure you don’t miss out on the wigs you need. First things first, don’t panic. Secondly, buy your wigs, like, now. Especially if you would like a 6x6 or 13x6 lace closure as they are in high demand. However, 4x4 lace closures will be readily available over the coming months. If you want that christmas wig or have an upcoming birthday, you're better off making your purchases now. 

Even then, CDB London is not leaving you hanging, we’ve stocked on some wigs to make sure that you’re covered. We’ve got some lace systems coming in too! We’re lightly plucking and bleaching hairlines and knots so your wigs last longer, so you don’t have to worry about your next purchase. We’re doing all that we can to make sure we can still cater to you! We’re still here for you.