The Perfect Wash Day Hair Care Routine

Wash day is an all day event, hence the name I guess. Now that this day has come around again, it’s time to do it properly. So, you’ve blocked the whole day out in your calendar, turned down invites to go out, and bought all the ingredients you need to make your natural mask. It’s time to give your hair the TLC it deserves. Afterall, you’ve been waiting for this day for the past two weeks… but what is the best routine for your hair?

With wigs being a protective style you want to make the most of it and promote hair growth therefore, how you look after your hair underneath the wig is crucial. Part of maintaining and even improving the health of your hair lies on that special day, wash day. There are certain bits of the routine you shouldn’t skip out on and be generous with your hair. Maybe, you’re not sure what the negotiables  and must haves of your wash day hair routine are . Worry not, we’re to make hair easier #HairMadeEasy. 

Wash day hair care routine

The very first thing we need to tackle is the frequency with which you wash your hair. This is actually very important, as washing your hair too frequently can dry out your hair and strip your hair of it’s natural oils. Whereas, washing your hair rarely can cause a buildup of dirt and oils, which can lead to breakage. How often you wash your hair is truly dependent on when your hair. Whenever your hair gets dirty - wash it.

Deep conditioning is key. I personally recommend deep conditioning whenever you wash your hair. When selecting what deep conditioner you want to use, be sure to pick based on what your hair actually needs. If your hair is feeling dry, get a moisturising mask. If your hair is looking limp and lifeless spruce things up with a protein mask. I like to get a mask on and either leave it overnight, or for the day. I put on cling film or a plastic bag (not my sexiest look - but it works). This ensures that the needed nutrients get into my hair.

Select the right shampoo and conditioner for you. Pick one that is moisturizing as no one wants their feeling dry dry post wash. Whilst washing your hair, you want to be sure you wash out any product build up and cleanse your scalp properly. Try getting a shampoo that is sulfate and paraben free, as it’s better for your hair.

Now that your hair is clean, you want to moisturise your hair. Some people prefer the LOC or LCO method. The LOC method is basically Leave-in, Oil and Cream whereas, LCO is Leave-in, Cream and Oil. It’s basically the order in which you apply the product in order to achieve optimum moisture. Decide which method based on what your hair responds best to. 

How you dry your hair is also very important. I say avoid using heat and allow your hair to air dry. Braid your hair into four braids to help stretch the hair. However, I know that some people’s hair takes no longer to dry than others, so air drying might not be the most time efficient drying method. In that case, if you’re using a hairdryer - don’t use high heat. Opt for lower heat settings to avoid any heat damage.


Oil your scalp, once your hair is moisturised and your hair is dry. The health of your hair is dependent on the health of your scalp. Plus a dry scalp usually means a very itchy scalp, and that’s no fun underneath a wig. So be sure to get that oil and do that every 2-3  days. 

That’s it really! That covers all you need to do on your washday. The next step would be to braid your hair into cornrows, ready for you to wear your wig. It’s important to look after your hair underneath your wig, in order for you to truly make the most of the benefits a wig can offer you.