What Are Your Wig Must Have Products?

Wigs require maintenance whether it’s to maintain style, shine or volume – there are things you need to do to ensure the longevity of your hair. CDB London has taught you a few tips and tricks of the ‘how to maintain’ so hopefully, you’re all caught up on the #HairMadeEasy tutorials (if not check them out here). And if you have seen them all, then you’ll know that there are certain products that’ll make wig maintenance a tad bit easier. We’re going to be looking at the products everyone with a wig needs. Think of this as the little black book of wig products.


There are certain things that are simply ‘must haves’ and we’ll be looking at a range of products all at varying price points. Some of which you can grab at your local hair shop, some you might have at home already, and others you might have to go on Amazon.

Girls in wigs 


Spray water bottle 

Everyone and I mean everyone needs one of these, whether it’s for you wig or even your natural wig. Why do we all need one? Hair needs moisture and what better place to look for moisture than water. This is particularly great if you have a curly wig, it helps rejuvenate the curls. You can mix the water with some oil or leave-in conditioner for extra nourishment. These spray water bottles come at various price points. You can get them for extremely cheap at any beauty shop or even Poundland (if you live in the UK) however, if you’re feeling extra fancy try the ones available on Amazon which has more of a spritz affect. 


Hot comb or straighteners 

These are absolute must haves whether you have a straight wig or a wavy wig because straighteners can be used for both (see tutorial here). Good straighteners can really determine the look of your wig, it can help flatten the top and give you a sleek look. In terms of price ranges, they can really vary. I personally recommend investing in a good quality one that can last you a while. 



This is especially for those of you who have or want a frontal wig. Glues are great to give the seamless and natural look. Importantly it helps secure the wig, because none of us want an embarrassing wig moment. Most people’s got to for wig glues is the Got2b glue which can be found in most high street retail beauty shops and they aren’t too expensive.



Another great purchase is some mousse, this really helps lay down your hair and reduce any fly aways. This is definitely a must have regardless of the style of the wig. It really does ensure that sleek and fresh look. Once again, this can be a really inexpensive purchase and can be found in most if not all beauty stores. I personally love my ORS mousse.


Wig cap

This is a highly recommended accessory. Wig caps help avoid wigs sliding off and saying put on your head. It helps protect your hair and braids underneath. It’s also great if you have a sensitive scalp as it’s an extra protective layer, which can help reduce itchiness. These are another affordable purchase, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank. 


Wig bag

Wig bags are not an obligation but when you get your wig do keep the bag. They’re great when you want to travel and help protect the wig. Think of it like a silk bonnet but for your wig. It helps reduce friction and the wig changing shape. All of the CDB London wigs come with a bag, so you don’t have to really think about that.


Mannequin head

So, this is not really a must have but a great addition if you have the space and extra funds. I just think it’s better than hanging your wigs on door handles and wardrobes (I am very guilty of this). It helps maintain the shape and protect the hair. If you can, do get it. 


And that’s it, that concludes some of our must-have wig products and accessories. This will help you maintain your wig.