What's deal with Microfibre towels?

This week we’re focusing on all things wash day. If you haven’t yet, check out our previous post on the best wash day hair routine. We want to continue on this trail of optimising your wash day, to ensure that your hair stays healthy and lush, underneath your CDB London wig. 

However, we’re aware that there are so many fads and trends that claim to make your hair grow, or ensure the health of your hair. As someone, who’s honestly tested most of them i.e. rice water challenge, massaging your scalp, staying upside down, using a t-shirt to dry your hair etc. (to name a few - quite literally!) I can tell you for free that some of these deffo do not work. So now you know that you guys can consider me your own personal guinea pig, when it comes to all things hair.

One trend I’ve seen circulating for while is the microfibre towel. Maybe you’ve caught wind of this trend too and have been contemplating whether you should get one. Or, maybe you’re just curious. If so, this is the perfect blog post for you, as I give you all important information about Microfibre towels.

Wash day hair towel

So, what are Microfibre towels? Basically, they are made using synthetic fibres, and these fibres are really fine - hence the ‘micro’ in the name. They’re finer than your usual everyday cotton towel. They’re woven in a way that creates a fabric with more surface area which gives it its super absorbent property. These super-thin fibres are woven together to produce a fabric with a much higher surface area, and this makes it far more absorbent.  It’s high surface area means that any trapped water gets exposed and evaporates quickly. A cool feature of the microfibre towel is that it’s quick drying. 

Well, what does all of this mean for your hair? Microfibre towels are considered good for drying hair in that their smooth fibres do not damage your cuticles. On top of that, they absorb a good amount of moisture which helps avoid frizzy tresses, which is especially great for girls with curly and coily hair. Due to their absorbent nature, the towels drastically cut drying time. Meaning that you won’t have to use heat to dry your hair as much or as long as you usually would. Another benefit for my curly girls is that using the towel to scrunch your hair helps define your curls and adds bounce. They’re suitable for all hair types.

microfibre towels

Are they actually worth buying? After giving you all the benefits buying a microfibre hair towel might seem really tempting. To be honest I don’t discourage it. They’re less expensive than you’re probably thinking. I was surprised to see that you can find them on Amazon for under ten pounds. However, the inexpensive purchase isn’t completely necessary. When using a regular cotton towel, make sure you dry it in a toward motion to avoid any damage to your hair cuticles. In terms of the time efficiency offered by microfibre towels, all you can do is grow your patience. Microfibre towels definitely have their benefits, but they’re an optional purchase.

So that’s the deal with Microfibre towels.