Why You Should be Wearing a Wig this Lockdown (Part 2)

We’ve officially completed week one of lockdown 2.0 - yay us. We know it hasn’t been easy for many, but we want to encourage you all.  We’ve overcome this once and we can again. 

The lockdown has meant that we’re back to doing zoom birthdays, meetings and our daily walks. Our routines have once again had to change, but we’re persevering. One thing that’s probably changed is how we do our hair all over again. We were just getting used to going back to our hair salons and getting braids done at home. Now that we’re back in lockdown, some of us may have gone back to old quarantine habits, and started pursuing countless YouTube videos on how to box braid. Whilst others have said ‘aht, aht not this time sis’. If that’s you or, you’re still deciding on whether you should  be #teambraids or #teamwiglife during this lockdown, then this is the blog post for you.


Girl wearing a wig

They are definitely both worth considering and both have benefits, but a wig is not only a strong contender but the perfect protective style for a lockdown for many reasons. Some of the reasons are: quick and easy, versatility and it’s great long term investment, for more read the blog here. Well, now we’ve realised even more reasons why you should be wearing a wig during this lockdown.

A sense of normalcy

During strange times, we all crave a sense of normalcy. We all want to feel relatively normal and I kid you not, a wig can help do that. We’re in a time where pyjamas and bonnets are our norm, and although we are comfortable it can actually affect your mood. It can potentially decrease productivity. Dressing up has been linked to improving mood and productivity. So throwing on a wig can not only help you do more but even help you get your groove back. We all want to feel cute. What’s great about a wig, is that you can look fabulous with minimal effort. 

Wigs aren’t just for going outside 

For some reasons, most of us associate wigs with going out or a special occasion when that isn't necessarily the case. Just like you would with any protective style, you can wear wigs whether you’re out and about, or at home. Wigs are perfect for the everyday woman and everyday tasks, not just for going out. 

Chanel Ambrose at home with wig

Time efficiency

As I’ve said above, wigs can and should be worn at home too. One of the reasons is because of time efficiency, wigs require very little time which is a bonus when in lockdown. Especially, when you wake up at 8:55am and have your very first Zoom call meeting at 9:00am. You get to milk the extra time you get now by having a quick and stylish hairstyle. 

As mentioned above wigs are a protective style. If done properly, wigs can actually promote hair growth, and who doesn’t want to come out of lockdown with longer locks? I know I do. In between wigs you can do deep treatments more frequently than if you had braids in, which will improve the health of your hair. 

Protecting your hair from the cold

What’s different between this lockdown and the other, is the weather. The last lockdown was in the spring and summer months and now we’re edging into the colder winter months. This has major impacts on your hair and can actually be damaging. Wigs can be a great way to protect your hair during the harsher months as it us they’ll keep your head nice and warm when you’re going on your walk or doing your essential shops. 

All in all, I think it’s safe to say that wigs are the ideal protective style during lockdown. If you’re looking for the perfect wig to go out or stay at home then check out CDB London’s range of options.