5 Reasons Why You Should Be Wearing Wigs During Lockdown

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve lost count of what day of lockdown we are on, all I know is that it feels like forever. During these past weeks I slowly came to the realisation that  ‘I’m really going to have to do this all by myself.’ This now all too common phrase has become applicable to most things beauty as we’ve begun to take on a more DIY approach to self-care. From waxes to nails and hair, you name it - I’ve googled it. Oh, I can’t forget my trusted YouTube, who’s become my favourite all knowing, multi-faceted aunt who I regularly call on,  as I grapple to maintain some resemblance of my past beauty regimens.

Personally, one of my struggles has been maintaining my natural hair. Whereas, some people have mastered the art of box braiding I quite frankly have not. I’ve opted for the wig life and here’s why I think you should too. 

Sleek Bob Wig


Quick and easy 

Let’s be honest during this quarantine (even with all this extra time), ‘quick and easy’ has some real allure to it. We want to look good, we want that salon style and we want it now. Wigs can offer you all of that. Don’t get me wrong I know the idea of installing a wig can sound daunting, but CDB has got you. We’re lining up all kinds of wig tutorials for you, so you don’t even have to worry about it #HairMadeEasy.


Protective styling 

It can be really easy to get lazy with your hair especially whilst in lockdown, where we don’t have to worry about being seen. However, laziness (no matter the hair type; natural or not) can be super detrimental to the health of your hair. Hence why, opting for a protective style, like a wig can be the best option. Low maintenance hairstyles are often recommended especially when trying to grow your hair. 



Whether in quarantine or not, this reason stands. We all love a good switch up. You can go from inches one day to a nice sleek bob another day with such ease. What’s not to love! Every day you get to be a whole new mood. With wigs you can try all kinds of hairstyles without having to dye your hair or cut it.


A long term investment 

Wigs are a one-time purchase that you can use time and time again, making it a wise investment. You really get to make your pound stretch. Unlike other protective styles like braids, you don’t have to continually pay for the hair or the stylist. Making a wig the ultimate style you can do at home. 


Big chop

Some of us have mustered up the courage to do the big chop, kudos to you if you’ve done. For those that have done it, maybe you’re still adjusting to the newfound breeze over your scalp. If that’s you then maybe wigs might be the way to go until you grow it out!

So, I think it’s fair to say there are multiple reasons why you should be wearing wigs this quarantine. And where else to get your wigs than from us, CDB London, where quality meets affordability. We’ve got you this quarantine!