"About two years ago when I first had the thoughts about the Create & Define Beauty Company I just wanted to create a space in which Black Woman were celebrated, appreciated and served. I think the beauty industry has hugely neglected and underserved Black Women whether that be a lack of foundation shades or just poor customer service. I think the treatment that sometimes we get or we give ourselves in those interactions don't always reflect just how much of a major contributor financially we are to the industry. 

So I wanted to create a business which at its core gave back to the Black Woman and appreciated her contributions, her hard earned coin and gave back to my community; and I think that's what it's all about. 

CDB London isn't just about me, amazing hair extensions or phenomenal wigs, it's about seeing the black beauty experience for what it is - a beautiful bonding experience amongst women I know, love and am inspired by

So I wanted to create a business which was just that, a business which Redefined the Beauty Experience for Black Women"

- Courtney Daniella Boateng, Director & Founder of CDB London